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Another World Remastered

Gamers who cut their teeth on games of the early 90s will probably remember Another World, called Out of this World when published in the United States. The game was extremely unique for its time (and some might argue that it still is.) The game environment captivated its audience through its stark alien landscapes, and its look, created from two-dimensional polygons instead of the sprite graphics used by most games of the era. The game tightly integrated story and gameplay, blending the two masterfully. Another World was published on most of the popular platforms of the time, including the Amiga, PC, Genesis, and Super Nintendo. Most recently, the game’s creator, Eric Chahi, gave his blessing for a non-commercial Gameboy Advance version by Foxysoft.

But April 14 will bring the release of a remastered edition of the game for Windows XP, in higher resolution and with more detailed background, this time developed by its original creator. On Anotherworld.fr, there are also hints of an entirely new game in the works.

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Eurogamer reports on a unique panel at the recent Carrefour de l’animation (Animation Crossroad) in Paris, France. The animation conference featured two influential figures in gaming. Yoshitaka Amano, who contributed character designs for the Final Fantasy series and who also illustrated the Vampire Hunter D  series and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: Dream Hunters was present, as well as Michel Ancel, most known for the Rayman series of games that have appeared on virtually every console from the Sega Saturn on, and the game Beyond Good and Evil, which achieved critical acclaim but not equivalent sales.

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Bullet Witch

Game Watch Japan has some new screenshots of Cavia’s upcoming action adventure fantasy, Bullet Witch. The game is set in the near future, in a dark world where the enemies are fought using both technology and magic. Potentially, this could be the Xbox 360’s Devil May Cry. The game is scheduled to ship on June 29, 2006, in Japan, with no US release date announced, but there is always the possibility that the game will be released without region encoding for those anxious importers.

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Monkey Ball Adventure

4 Color Rebellion has scored some exclusive screenshots from the upcoming Super Monkey Ball Adventure. This game will be a departure from the previous games in the series, leaving behind the strict level structure and moving to more of a platform adventure design. Hopefully Traveller’s Tales can keep true to the feel of the older games in the series. Monkey Ball Adventure will be appearing on PSP, PS2, and Gamecube this summer.

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Sometimes, people like their gaming experiences to go a bit deeper than the simple run-and-gun while shooting hookers mentality. This is why we have come to love the stuff that Will Wright puts out there. Case in point: Spore. This is one of the titles we look forward to getting our hands on most at E3. Be sure to watch the video above to see Will play through a few scenarios in a game that see you starting out as an amoeba, and traveling through an evolutionary adventure.

(Thanks Chris!)

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24 The Game GiveawayOkay guys, it’s been a while since our last Playfeed giveaway, so we figured we would get another one going. This time, we are giving away a copy of 24: The Game for the PlayStation 2. This one is a third-person adventure set between seasons two and three of 24. If you want it, head on over to the forums and let us know what your favorite Playfeed article of all time is (and why), and you are entered to win (provided that you are a US resident!) We will give this one two weeks, at which time we will pick a random winner. Good luck!

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Super Monkey Ball Adventure

This should come as good news to many - the next version of Super Monkey Ball will be making it’s way to Gamecube, PS2, and PSP in about three months time. The new title, named Super Monkey Ball Adventure, happens to be the first narrative-driven Super Monkey Ball game, providing a true adventure game. Of course, the classic puzzle game is back, as are the popular party games. SEGA is promising With 5 new worlds, a host of new Monkey Ball characters, new Ball abilities, brand new party games, and PSP-exclusive content.

As for the adventure mode, here are the details: On Jungle Island, our hero, Aiai, meets Princess Deedee of Monkitropolis and Prince Abeabe of Kongri-la, star-crossed lovers whose marriage is hampered by a feud that exists between their respective kingdoms. The Monkey Ball world could be torn apart unless Aiai can reconcile the feuding Monkey Kingdoms by traveling to all five Monkey realms, helping people and defeating the evil Naysayers in an effort to spread joy and remove prejudice and fear.

We look forward to seeing what SEGA has in store for us come June 2006. For now, you can check out six more images after the jump.

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Super Princess PeachIf you have been looking for some old-school Nintendo side-scrolling action, you may want to check out Super Princess Peach, which launched today. This is the game that takes Peach, and puts her in the role of heroine for the first time since Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. In Super Princess Peach, the Princess uses her emotions to fight her enemies. When she is happy, she floats. If she gets mad, she becomes a flaming torch of lady-anger. Even her sad tears can be used to her advantage. The mood swings come as a result of her usual rescuers, Mario and Luigi, ending up inthe clutches of the baddies this time around. We like the graphics style of this one, and knocking Bowser upside the head with a parasol shouldl serve as a nice way to tide yourself over until the New Super Mario Brothers drops on the DS.

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OblivionLooks like Oblivion isn’t that far off, as someone is already earning achievements for playing the game. Likely someone with an early gold copy, Xbox Live member Vark currently has earned 3 of the 50 achievements available in Oblivion. Even more exciting, Xbox.com now shows March 20, 2006 as the official release date for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Here’s to hoping that sticks.

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OkamiCapcom’s hotly anticipated title, Okami, is scheduled to be released in North America sometime this summer - unfortunately, there’s no official release date yet.

Okami is a stylish action game based on Japanese folklore and presented in a traditional Japanese art style. Players will assume the role of Amaterasu, a sun god who takes the form of a wolf on Earth. Artistic ability isn’t limited to Okami’s graphics, as gamers will use the PS2’s controller to perform “brush strokes” to battle enemies and solve puzzles.

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