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Dull Wind WakerAs Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto and director Eiji Aonuma are hard at work on the new Gamecube title, they’ve also taken the opportunity to comment on their last Zelda outing – Wind Waker.  While normally criticized for its cartoon graphics or simple play mechanics, both men have admitted that they also felt the gameplay was not what it could have been.  Aonuma points directly at Wind Waker’s Triforce collection as an example of what should have been improved, had not scheduling demands gotten in the way.  This comes as a major “I knew it” for any faithful Nintendo fans confused by the lackluster final act of Wind Waker.  However, while the two men expressed some criticism for Wind Waker, they were quick to point out that Twilight Princess would directly counter many of these complaints, promising specifics such as many more dungeons and longer gameplay. 

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Resident Evil 5According to details uncovered from scans of an official announcement, Resident Evil 5 will be coming to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.  Overseeing the project will be Street Fighter and Onimusha series veteran producer Jun Takeuchi.  While details and speculation are already pointing toward issues of main character (Chris Redfield of RE1) and atmosphere (brighter), the biggest surprise is in what is NOT being discussed ? namely, Nintendo.  Even with strong sales of Resident Evil 4 during the period of exclusivity for Nintendo?s Gamecube, there seems to be no intention by Capcom to bring the next installment of the franchise to the Big N.  Strange, really, if you consider what some see as a strong connection between Nintendo and the waking dead.

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Zelda Twilight Princess

Amazon.com has posted a release date for the hotly-anticipated Gamecube release of “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.”  The date, November 14, 2005, fits what we’ve heard about Nintendo’s intentions, but remains a probable guestimate by Amazon.  Until Nintendo comes out and says something themselves, the biggest benefit of this announcement is the ability to preorder.  Even then, though, it’s probably wiser to wait and see if Nintendo decides to package in any free gifts with a preorder as we get closer to the holidays.

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DescriptionStarting Sunday morning, Circuit City will be having a blowout sale on select Video Games for $9.99 each.  The sale is much like the one they had last year where games were only $4.99, but it seems that they are a little more organized this year because many stores have already pulled the games off the floor to prevent people from buying them early. To see the game list check out the post in our forums. The madness starts on July 3.

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Playfeed is known for giving you the latest and greatest of gaming news.  Today we launch Time Warp, looking back in time to bring you a game that you may have missed, or love to reminisce about.  This week our game is NiGHTS; a unique game that has its fans screaming “sequel.”  So come on in and venture with us and Sonic Team back to 1996, where the Sega Saturn (a long forgotten system) preceded an incoming onslaught of N64 and Playstation.

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Chicken Little

I love platformers. In fact, if I had to choose one game type to play for the rest of my life it would be platformers.  Because of all this love I have for platformers there is one thing I hate more then anything else, including Rockstars games, is a bad platformer.  Most kiddie platformers, like Tak, are just bad.  So bad that I have giving up all hope that there might ever will be a good children’s platformer.  That all changed when I saw Chicken Little at E3 - find out why after the jump.

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Possession Game

With all the rumors about next-gen consoles we went searching for some games that are set to be released for them. We’re still searching, but we came across one game which looks pretty neat, called Possession.  Now, zombies are very popular whether they are in games or movies, but this game has a twist.  No more saving yourself and others from the dreaded zombies of “City X” because in Possession you are the enslaver and your goal is to start a zombie apocalypse.  The main character was once human, but through the game’s story you start to see why he’s after everyone.  Right now the plan for this game is to be released on the Xbox 360, PS3, and eventually PC.

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Description With the countdown to E3 at 2 weeks, more and more news will continue to come out regarding the event.  The most recent news is Eidos has announced their slim 4 game main event line-up.  The games being displayed will be Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend, Hitman: Blood Money, 25 to Life and Commandos Strike Force.  Personally, I’m mainly looking forward to Hitman, with the others being secondary.  The Hitman series has always been an entertaining one, with just the right amount of difficulty.  The most recent Tomb Raider game was a disappointment, and the series can only go so far based off of Lara Croft’s figure.  The game that will be interesting to see is 25 to Life. This was on display at E3 last year and it attracted a lot of attention.  The game is mainly for online play for up to 16 players to attack and defend.  The basic premise is you can either be a thug/gangsta/bad ass, or you could be every bad guys nightmare, a cop.  It’s a modern day cops and robbers game which seems pretty interesting.

“E3 2005 marks the unveiling of the latest installments of three of the industry’s most successful franchises in addition to a first glimpse of two of the most iconic characters, Lara Croft and Agent 47,” said Paul Baldwin, Vice President of Marketing, Eidos. “The Tomb Raider, Hitman and Commandos franchises make highly anticipated returns featuring new engines and dramatically enhanced gameplay features. Additionally, Eidos will be presenting 25 To Life the first to market urban shooter featuring timeless Cops and Robbers gameplay.”

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Zelda Information

With many a gamer salivating over the release of the next Legend of Zelda game later this year, little bits of information like these are coming to be very sought after. Apparently, these details have been translated from an international gaming magazine, so we can’t confirm any of it. That being said, we do hope they are true:

  • There will not be voice acting in the game.
  • Zelda & Ganon will be in it, though how they’ll figure into the story isn’t known.
  • Fishing & cucco gliding return.
  • No GBA connectivity.
  • There will be a significant item in the game, similar to how the ocarina in Ocarina of Time and the wind baton in Wind Waker were significant.
  • According to Eiji Aonuma, the subtitle of the game has not been decided on yet. They’re currently going for a mysterious title, which you’d have to play the game to understand.
  • Battle will be similar to Wind Waker, with some minor new things, such as a new jumping downward thrust.
  • As speculated, Link will communicate with animals, but Aonuma did not want to reveal any specific details regarding this.
  • Whether a ‘sidekick’ for Link should be included is still being debated on. I’m assuming this would be similar to how Navi helped Link in Ocarina of Time.
  • As you can probably tell by now, the horse is going to be the main form of transportation. Basically every area in this game is bigger than similar areas in past Zelda games, so Link needs a horse to accommodate that change.

The size of the game is going to just be huge. This adventure is believed to be 70 hours long. 70 gorgeous hours that is.

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