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Wednesday June 25, 2008 2:45 pm

ColorWare features Gear Live iPhone

Gear Live iPhone

As Gear Live member x1xtomx1x discovered and shared with us on the forums today, the Gear Live iPhone that we are giving away is actually featured in the ColorWare gallery. Very nice find.

Remember, you are eligible to enter to win this customized iPhone. Check out the official rules to find out how.

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Forum Discussion

Hehe thats pretty sweet. Except I didn't realize how expensive it is to get your phone painted. I wonder if they could paint over the dent on my brothers ipod touch and make it look like it wasnt there hehe. Now that would be worth it

Well, if they can somehow paint over the Apple etching that is supposed to be on the bottom on the phone. I think they can somehow fix your bros dent lol.

I think so to. They refurbish electronics all the time, a little dent would probably be nothing for them to fix. If it were me if it works why fix it? I wouldnt worry about it. Before you know it they will come out with something else thats better then what you got and you will be replacing it anyway. But some people like to keep things looking good so I guess if I were like that then I would want to get it fixed to. I guess to that if you wanted to ever sell it you would get more money out of it, if the dent were fixed so yeah I can see why your brother would want to get it fixed.

Thats sweet. Maybe I'll have to send my Wii in and get a custom paint job done on it.

Kind of expensive, but still a very cool little service if a want to add some color to your electronics.

Haha, I was just about to post about this last night. I also saw the Simpsons xbox 360 and simply fell in love with it, I don't know if they will sell another just like it.

[quote author="uglyfido" date="1214364843"]Kind of expensive, but still a very cool little service if a want to add some color to your electronics.[/quote] No you are absolutely correct. It seems unreasonable $200. Thats like the iPhone on a 2 year contract with AT&T;haha. Although if my phone becomes a mess I am definately going to do taht to restore its condition!

[quote author="x1xtomx1x" date="1214348372"]Just thought I'd share this with the community while I was digging through the colorware! Enjoy![/quote] Whoa - nice find! I will post this to the main page. Very cool :)

Great find and I spent quite a bit of time today browsing around ColorWare and looking at the gallery. It is amazing how creative some people can get! The shots are all very nice and gorgeous. Gear Live's iPhone definitely pops and it looks lovely in the ColorWare gallery.

Also, if you look around in the colorware gallery you can see an iphone with i believe the same design as GearLive's except the logo is changed. From a distance you would think that it would be the GearLive one. Also, thanks Andru for putting the post on the GearLive main page, but to be honest I thought you would already know about this because I would think that ColorWare would ask for permission to post a picture of the iPhone on their website. I guess not, but pretty much, thanks!

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