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Tuesday February 8, 2011 11:29 am

Watch Google introduce Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Posted by Patrick Lambert Categories: Google, Handhelds, Software, Videos

We had some screenshots and short videos in the past, but last week Google did the first in-depth presentation of their latest version of the Android system: Honeycomb. This hour long video shows enthusiasts everything that Honeycomb can do. Unlike previous versions of Android that were optimized for smartphones (and were simply stretched to tablet sizes,) Honeycomb was made for tablets. You'll see a better visual interface, and acceleration technologies for 2D and 3D. After the OS itself, they show off some devices in action, including the Motorola Xoom. Check it out if you're thinking of getting an iPad alternative.

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Google TV brings two great open apps platforms, Chrome and Android, to the biggest screen and best sound system in most households. In this meetup, Paul will provide an overview of Google TV, will pass on some tips and tricks for building great Android apps for big screens, and will talk about the best ways to get apps onto users' TVs. For the remainder of the evening, Paul will be on hand to chat with developers about their apps how to make them look great on Google TV.

I only know the material is metal, silicone, wood.

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