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Thursday September 27, 2007 12:51 pm

Halo 3 Racks Up $170 Million in Day One Sales

Halo 3 screen

The internet has been set ablaze with hyperbolic phrases like “biggest day in US entertainment history” and “redefining entertainment” and “worldwide celebration,” all used to describe Halo 3’s truly mammoth first 24 hours on the market.  Microsoft estimates that the game garnered $170 million in US sales in its first day, eclipsing previous records set by movies like Spiderman 3 or even the latest Harry Potter novel.  In addition, Microsoft claims that over a million players went on Xbox Live to play Halo 3, making September 25th “the most active Xbox Live gaming day in history.”

All that remains to be seen is just how big of a sales surge the Xbox 360 will experience for the month of September and beyond.

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Forum Discussion

And people thought the hype would stop after the game came out... lol

I feel like for like a week it was like Halo 3 omg must buy... then like a week later people just stopped talking about it and then orange box came out and I havent played it since. :bug:

Halo 3 was worth all the hype. it's a great game and i love it

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