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Wednesday June 17, 2009 7:28 pm

Contest: MUG Root Beer Giveaway

MUG root beer fathers day giveaway
We’re less than a week out from Father’s day, and I can smell the charcoal already. While some may head out to a nice steakhouse for a special dinner for Dad, tons of us will be gathered around a grill doing it ourselves. My friends at Mug Root Beer want to help make all of this summer’s BBQs a culinary triumph for you.

From today until Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern, comment on this entry about your most memorable “Dad” moment. Did your dad show up to the aforementioned steakhouse in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops? Maybe your friend’s dad stepped in to save the day when a road trip went bad, or your uncle’s BBQ went up in a blaze of meat glory. I want to hear about it! I’ll be choosing five of the most memorable BBQ stories that you all share and the winners will each receive a prize pack, containing the fantastic recipe for MUG Root Beer Southern Specialty Brew-B-Q sauce (and the sauce is awesome - I was given a copy of the recipe and made some last night) and all of the ingredients to boot, in an insulated MUG bag with a MUG apron.

Lay’em on me guys - I want to hear your Dad stories!



Man, BBQ is great. Even with some beer mixed in it’s still delicious. UNless of course that beer is Budweiser, and you use way to much of it. Then it’s not so good. This happened to us one fine Father’s day when my dad decided that he needed to add some beer to the BBQ chicken he was making. Normally this would turn out OK cause he would use some crazy flavorful import beer. However on this particular day, Budweiser was the only beer on hand. That would probably be OK, except he poured in at least one whole 16oz tall can into the sauce. The BBQ sauce went from thick and delicious, to thin and beery. He cooked the chicken in it though, and it turned out about as terrible as it sounds. We had to eat though cause it was all we had. I hope you enjoyed my tale of a BBQ ruined.

Men and their BBQs don’t try and take it away from dad even on fathers day, they get cranky.  Mom was going to BBQ for fathers day give dad a break. She was trying to light the charcoal. with the tunnel thing you put news paper or kindling in the bottom then the coals (a fathers day present) she couldn’t get it started. Dad was there with the can of charcoal lighter fluid ready to take over.  You guessed it,  he used it . He used about 3/4 of a can. The fire was really something you could roast marshmallow if you had wanted. Well Dad got to BBQ after the fire went down and we removed his fathers day present from the center of the BBQ. Did i mention that BBQ always tasted like that can of lighter fluid.

Contest is over and EVERYONE IS A WINNER!

@Uglyfido Now you can school him on BBQing with ROOT beer BBQ sauce!

@Michael Manna Dads and Wiis seem to be a match made in heaven -

@kat That sounds dangerous AND HILARIOUS. Dangerarilous?

@Eilzabeth Johnson Will your dad come to my house and grill something delicious for me?!

@peachy Lizards are the WORST, I totally empathize with your dad!

Guys, if you can please DM me your physical addresses your prize packs will go out this week! Thanks for all the great stories!

Congratulations to us all! Great stories from everyone, and Woohoo!

Congrats to all! I agree great stories.

Yay! Thank you! And congrats to the other winners as well, I enjoyed reading all the stories! 

Jenny, I shot you a DM with my address so hopefully it went through, but if not please message me & I’ll resend the address. 

Thanks again, can’t wait to try the recipe out!

Hi Jenny,

Just wanted to say thank you again, I got my Mug Root Beer BBQ recipe with all the ingredients and we will be trying it out this week end. I hope it tastes as good as it sounds.


You’re lucky Kat, I’m still waiting and anticipating mine. Hope it comes soon, cause I wanna make some sauce. 😊

It will. I’m in the same shipping zone… it came ups ground, from Atlanta,Ga. and I am in New York.

Just got my pack today. It’s cooking in the Kitchen right now. It smells delicious, and I can’t wait to cook my burgers and brats with it tomorrow!


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