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Ron Chow and I won our first-round match-up in the Dropping Dimes League. With the victory, we take the early lead in the standings.

The Allen Iverson trade to Detroit seems to be official now. Big news, to say the least.

Add/Drops tend to be plentiful in the first couple of weeks in the season. Here are some moves that I have seen using one 10-team, one 12-team and one 14-team league. The 14-team league is our experts league.

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Marquis Daniels
I know, I know, I probably need to come up with a better title than “Exchange Center.” This feature will aim to comment on the add/drop transactions in leagues that I play in, especially those in our experts’ league. There should be more stuff on our draft and league very soon.

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The season has started, so we have decided to wrap up our mock draft blog. Unfortunately we only got through four rounds. Refer to the master list for a recap of the picks. Hopefully your own draft(s) went well, and my condolences if you drafted Greg Oden. Oden obviously has a lot of potential and hopefully his ankle injury on opening night is not serious.

Just for the interest of our readers, here are the players we had slated to write about in the fifth round.

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DeMarcus NelsonIn the fantasy basketball ring, one thing is for certain: the Golden State Warriors will score a lot of points.  For this reason, we had Monta Ellis going in the second or third round of most drafts until he injured himself in that now infamous moped accident.  When the accident happened, we tapped former New Jersey Net Marcus Williams as the man to flourish.

But not so fast.  Williams has disappointed big time, and has been shelved by Don Nelson as “third string.”  So who gets the playing time?  DeMarcus Neslon, that’s who.

Fig Cap: What do you get when you combine Marcus Williams with Don Nelson?

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Andrew Bogut
Our experts league draft was held on Wednesday, October 22, 2008. Ron and I were lucky enough to land the first overall pick. We went fanboy and drafted Chris Paul, even though our mock draft here has picked LeBron James for three years running, and we both think LBJ has an awesome season ahead of him.

The league has 14 teams, so after we pick, 26 players come off the board. Amare went third, ahead of Kobe. Ron and I hoped to land a reliable center, siince this league has two center spots in its starting roster. Elton Brand went sixth. Dwight Howard led off the second round. Chris Bosh went right after him. Then Al Jefferson. We were hoping for Tim Duncan…

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Gerald Wallace Jumping

I am not much of a gambler. I may occasionally buy a lottery ticket if it is a large jackpot. I do not even participate in the weekly office football pool. I even bring an umbrella to work even though the forecast predicts only a 20% chance of rain. I just do not like leaving things to chance.

However, I will bet that Gerald Wallace will miss some games this year?! With a nickname like “Crash”, you are bound to miss some games. Looking back at his four years with Charlotte, he has missed 69 games. That translates into an average of 17 games per season.

Gerald Wallace is a high risk/high reward player whose name might be staring at you in the early rounds of your fantasy draft. Have a peep and see why you should invest an early pick on Gerald Wallace despite his well-documented injury woes.

Round 4, Pick 11 – Gerald Wallace SF/PF Charlotte Bobcats

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Rasheed Wallace To say that this team is stacked with scoring and solid percentages is a complete understatement.  Obviously, few teams will be able to nab Deron Williams in the third round with his recent ascent up draft boards, but regardless.  With three solid additions throughout the beginning of the draft, round four is now a time where we have to add a big man.  I would hate to add one that would drag down the solid percentages that we already have; and if I could do so while adding some big-ball stats, even better.

The tenth pick in the fourth round is a great place to take a player who can do just that.

Rasheed Wallace, PF/C, Detroit Pistons

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Mo Williams, CavaliersWith two forwards and a center already supporting this roster, it was time to address the guard position.  The good part about the current make-up of this team is that Rashard Lewis and Antawn Jamison can rack up small-ball statistics, so you are not limited in where you can go with the fourth round pick. 

With that said, the tier of Chauncey Billups and Jose Calderon are off of the board.  With there being a slew of other options that may be a bit to risky to take at this slot, I have no problems “settling” for…

Mo Williams, PG, Cleveland Cavaliers

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Yao Ming
Ladies and gentlemen, here is the make-or-break pick of the year. Once worthy of a first round pick, he has crushed fantasy GMs across the land. Or rather, the injury bugs that keep biting him have led to many crying themselves to sleep over a lost fantasy season.

Yahoo still has him ranked in the top 25 and he is getting drafted pretty early. Can you really risk Yao Ming breaking your heart again?

Round 4, Pick 8: Yao Ming, C, Houston Rockets

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Corey Maggette

Corey Maggette now plays for the Golden State Warriors. Baron Davis left the Warriors for the Los Angeles Clippers, where Maggette used to play. Elton Brand left the Clippers to play for the Sixers. It made for a fun off-season and perhaps this picture shows us that Maggette enjoyed himself during the process. Okay, not really. But after considering lesser offers to play for the Celtics or the Spurs, Maggette signed on with a team where he can certainly thrive statistically.

Admittedly, picking Maggette here is earlier than in most drafts. However, after drafting guys in the first three rounds who are no lock to clear 17 ppg, shoring up the points is needed. Every other team in the league is bound to employ at least one 20 ppg scorer and although the point category is not as sexy as steals or blocks, it certainly should not be a category you punt.

Round 4, Pick 7: Corey Maggette, SG/SF, Golden State Warriors

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