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Monday October 20, 2008 9:56 am

Dropping Dimes Mock Draft: Round 4, Pick 10 - Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Wallace To say that this team is stacked with scoring and solid percentages is a complete understatement.  Obviously, few teams will be able to nab Deron Williams in the third round with his recent ascent up draft boards, but regardless.  With three solid additions throughout the beginning of the draft, round four is now a time where we have to add a big man.  I would hate to add one that would drag down the solid percentages that we already have; and if I could do so while adding some big-ball stats, even better.

The tenth pick in the fourth round is a great place to take a player who can do just that.

Rasheed Wallace, PF/C, Detroit Pistons

A year older, sure.  But when you have Rasheed Wallace in one of your center spots, you have a player that gives you a little bit of everything.  Sure, he won’t rack up a consistent field goal percentage each night out, but he will give you the rare combination of a three, a steal and a block per night.  And have I mentioned that he’s a center?

If you want this combination from other players, you have to use first round picks on either Shawn Marion or Dwyane Wade.  The knock on Wallace is that he’s not a 15-points per game guy any longer.  However, when you have a foundation of one of the greatest scorers in the game along with a 20 and 10 power forward, you can afford to miss out on a few points with Wallace. 

Another plus about ‘Sheed is the fact that he’s played in 79, 80, 75, and 77 games respectively over the past four seasons.  Add in the fact that Wallace averages under two turnovers per game, and you have a complete package.  In this head-to-head format with the players already selected, you really can’t have a better big man at this point in the draft.



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