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Monday November 3, 2008 7:19 pm

Exchange Center: Week 2

Ron Chow and I won our first-round match-up in the Dropping Dimes League. With the victory, we take the early lead in the standings.

The Allen Iverson trade to Detroit seems to be official now. Big news, to say the least.

Add/Drops tend to be plentiful in the first couple of weeks in the season. Here are some moves that I have seen using one 10-team, one 12-team and one 14-team league. The 14-team league is our experts league.

10 Team League

Add/Drop #1: Ramon Sessions for Antonio Daniels
Luke Ridnour is injured. Sessions did not look that good against the Toronto Raptors, a game I watched in its entirety, but his stat-line was pretty good (12 pts, 9 ast, 1 stl). He is definitely a better option than Daniels when it comes to subbing in for an injury.

Add/Drop #2: Tim Thomas for Linas Kleiza
I made this exact move in the 12-team league. Kleiza was supposed to get off to a hot start with Carmelo Anthony out with a suspension, but as a starter he was very pedestrian. Thomas is what he is and right now he is the better rebound/three-point option.

Add/Drop #3: Marquis Daniels for Kyle Korver
Korver is certainly free agent fodder in a 10-teamer, though invariably he will be added at least a few times by various teams over the course of a season. Marquis Daniels will contribute more across the board as long as Mike Dunleavy recovers from injury.

Add/Drop #4: Anthony Carter for Jerryd Bayless
This move looked better before the big trade went down. Check out Sarge’s analysis on the fantasy implications of the trade. A Billups/J.R. Smith back-court seems like the logical move for the Nuggets, which means Carter and his hot early numbers get relegated to the bench.

Add/Drop #5: Leon Powe for Darko Milicic
I do not play in this league, but a few of my friends do. Each team has 18 roster spots. Powe averaged about 11 and 5 in the first week. Darko still has more upside in terms of rebs and blocks down the road. Surely Powe will be dropped for someone else in the near future.

12 Team League

Add/Drop #6: Ramon Sessions for Louis Williams
More love for Razor Ramon, but I do not think Louis Williams will last long on the waiver wire. He can be a Ben Gordon-type threat off the bench.

Add/Drop #7: Josh Boone for Ricky Davis
Remember when Davis and Stephen Jackson were more or less the same fantasy player? Now Davis cannot even make the Clippers’ rotation! This fantasy team lost Greg Oden to injury, so the Boone pick-up makes sense and fills a need.

Add/Drop #8: Kelenna Azubuike for Michael Finley
‘Buike will be a good option at least until Monta Ellis returns. Finley is not doing that well even with Ginobili out, making this an understandable move, even if it will not have enough staying power to last the entire season.

Add/Drop #9: Darrell Arthur for Andray Blatche
Ron was quite big on Blatche…until the first day of the season. Blatche had a decent debut, but Ron says he sees more potential overall in Arthur. Arthur went oh-fer in his first game on Ron’s team. The Memphis front-court seems suddenly crowded with Arthur, Marc Gasol, Darko and Hakim Warrick.

14-Team League

Add/Drop #10: Daequan Cook for Linas Kleiza
Add/Drop #11: Shaun Livingston for DeMarcus Nelson
Add/Drop #12: Tim Thomas for Shaun Livingston

Dennis Velasco was the author behind these moves. Essentially he replaced Kleiza with Thomas. Kleiza must be the most dropped player after week one! Livingston was an interesting speculative pick but for now, Mario Chalmers is the Miami point guard to own.

Add/Drop #13: Daniel Gibson for Eric Gordon
Like many rookies, Gordon has not gotten much burn to start his career. If given the chance, he can out-perform Gibson on the fantasy stage. For now, Gibson will score more and hit more threes.

Add/Drop #14: Ben Wallace for Goran Dragic
Dragic is in the one-one-one club, but unfortunately the ones are points, rebounds and assists. Ben Wallace is a shell of his former fantasy shelf but he can still swipe the rock and block some shots. Our own Brandan Haraway made this move.

Add/Drop #15: Cuttino Mobley for Darrell Arthur
I just did a double-take at the standings, because Memphis at 1-2 ranks ahead of the Spurs. Mobley was one of the best players not to get drafted this year, and with Baron Davis hurtin’, his numbers will see a temporary spike upwards.



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