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Wednesday June 11, 2008 4:23 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 267: A look at the Voodoo Envy 133

While the has long reigned as the king of sleek and sexy laptops the newly announced manages to beat it in terms of both computing power, and clean sexy design. The Envy features a carbon fiber case (with an option for the automotive finish of your choice), and a revolutionary new AC adapter with an Ethernet port and a dedicated 802.11n router to allow wired connections without wires. The Envy 133 clocks in at 0.7” thick which dethrones the Macbook Air as the thinnest laptop on the market, while still managing to pack 2 USB ports (one of which is eSATA compatible), HDMI, and an ExpressCard slot.

Check out the video for a first look at this slim and lustworthy computing masterpiece in an interview with Rahul Sood, founder of Voodoo and CTO of HP Global Gaming.

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Forum Discussion

Now this is why I just absolutely love HP. Not only do they have a wide variety of laptops that suit everyone's needs but they also integrate design into their PCs. HP is one of the only brands to do this. Just take a look at Dell,Gateway, Toshiba, Acer, or any other consumer laptop brand and none of them have integrated design into all of their notebooks like HP. Thats why HP is the only PC brand that I would ever get. Even though I would rather get my Macbook first :P.

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I will still get MacBook Air over the VooDoo but the one thing I like about the Envy is that it comes with the CD drive instead of buying one for $99 like Apple is doing but if you really look at it , the the envy cost $2000 and the low end MacBook Air is $1799+$99 will be $1898 so will cost about the same.

Nice stuff, did I hear in the interview correctly that the power brick is an access point too, so you can roam in your motel with the brick across the room? Did they mention if the access point was manageable from the laptop?

lbdabloke: yup - it’s auto-paired with the laptop and locked to only work with the laptop by default, but there is a management tool on the laptop for the AP and you can configure it for open access if you want it. The whole thing is amazingly well thought out.

wow that laptop does look really good.


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