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American Idol 10: Top 13 Results

American Idol gave itself a big opening for the Wednesday results show to get the crowd good and hyped for the intense hour that would follow. Approximately 30 million votes were recorded for the Top 13 singers… but, it may mean nothing. The judges’ save, offered in recent seasons, is active once again. At any time, the panel may save one eliminated contestant and keep them in the contest.

On the fashion front, Steven Tyler wore a long trench coat, J-Lo an asymmetrical blouse that was literally frightening and Ryan Seacredst his standard black suit.

Casey Abrams was not present for the live show; he has been hospitalized once again. Again, Abrams was rushed in for treatment after he complained of severe stomach pains. We’ll keep you updated on his story through VIP Breakdown.

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VIDEO: Watch Lindsay Lohan in the Act of ‘Stealing’

The video above is considered to be a critical piece of evidence in Lindsay Lohan’s still-unfolding grand theft case -- it’s footage of her actually “stealing” the $2,500 necklace that may put her in jail.

In this video, part of the surveillance footage recorded by Kamofie & Co. cameras, you’ll see Linds leaving the jewelry store while wearing the necklace.

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VIDEO: Idol’s Top 13 Unveil First Ford Video

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Lots of things have changed in American Idol’s tenth season, but never will the show’s allegiance to Ford falter. We’ve got the proof of it in the music video above. Watch this year’s Top 13 12 Idols (Casey Abrams is absent due to hospitalization) singing “The World” around affordable, mid-sized cars in this commercialized music video.

VIDEO: Nick Cannon Releases New Single

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Listen to Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, crooning his single “Famous” in the video above. The song will be featured on his music/comedy album "Mr. Showbiz." It's got a pretty catchy beat, but is it enough to make you buy the album?

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Video: Fun with the iPad 2 magnets

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Apple's done a number of things to improve the speed and utility of its popular tablet device. The Apple iPad 2 features the faster A5 processor, two cameras, and a gyroscope. However, one of the more interesting iPad 2 innovations can be found outside the product: The new Smart Cover. It's also the source of the iPad 2's first entertaining parlor trick.

That cover, a mixture of leather (or polyurethane), microfiber and magnets snaps neatly onto the left side of the iPad 2 (there are no special notches on the iPad, the cover simply auto-aligns itself). The Smart Cover's second trick is to put the tablet to sleep when you lay it down on top of the screen. Upon closer examination, however, it becomes clear that the active part of the cover is only in the last quarter panel. In other words, the iPad 2 doesn't sleep until the last part of the cover touches the screen. This means that there's also some sort of electronic mechanism within the cover and the right side of the iPad 2.

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American Idol 10: Top 13 Perform

After a lengthy introduction in which the American Idol judges, host and Top 13 contestants were paraded around on the stage, Tuesday’s performance episode started.

The theme was “Your Personal Idol,” and each chose songs from an artist who means something to them.

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Survivor: Russell Outwitted on Redemption Island

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Russell Hanz has left Survivor: Redemption Island… and the reality show’s most villainous contestant was reduced to tears when he was finally forced to face the pain of elimination. But don’t worry -- Russell wasn’t about to go out like that.

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VIDEO: Daniel Radcliffe Performs on Broadway

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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying hasn’t yet opened on Broadway, but someone managed to sneak a video recorder into one of the preview shows. We’re using their daringness to bring you a video of Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe singing on the big stage. Frankly, we’re pretty impressed. Not too bad for a boy wizard!

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Glee: Let’s Sing About Sex

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Not all of our spoilers panned out (TV producers are tricky, tricky animals), but all our expectations were met on Tuesday’s “Sexy” Glee episode. The episode highlighted the tricky world of romantic and sexual relationships, a topic that sorely needed to be addressed.

In the past, the show has portrayed teen sex as a matter of course, presenting the only consequence to be an unwanted pregnancy that tidily disappears in less than a year. Not this time. With the help of Gwyneth Paltrow, the students at William McKinley began to get a sexual education… erm, set to music.

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VIDEO: Survey Lindsay Lohan Putting on the Stolen Necklace

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Entertainment Tonight has released a few more moments of the infamous jewelry store surveillance video, where Lindsay Lohan spent a much talked-about 25 minutes of her life. The single shopping stop could send Linds to jail for felony grand theft. And, you can see the crime she committed in the video above.

Four cameras inside Kamofie & Co. captured Lohan from many angles as she shopped for trinkets, one of them a $2,500 necklace that she’s now accused of stealing. TMZ reports that Lohan is planning to sue the jewelry store for profiting from the surveillance tape, and making money for using her image (which she never gave them permission to do).

In the scene above, you'll see Lindsay Lohan putting on the necklace.

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