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Unboxing Live 088: Plantronics GameCom 780

We show you the Plantronics Gamecom 780 7.1 surround sound PC gaming headphones in this episode! Powered by Dolby technology, the Gamecom 780 delivers 7.1 surround sound with Dolby Headphone and Dolby Pro Logic IIx. The speakers in the earcups are 40-millimeter and provide thumping bass and immersive stereo sound. For chat and in-game communication, there's a built-in noise-canceling microphone that eliminates background noise so that the people you're playing with can hear you clearly, and for those times when you want silence (or when you want to remain stealthy,) there are volume controls and a microphone mute switch right on the earcups. One other nice touch is the swiveling earcup joints that make for easy storage. You can pick up the Plantronics GameCom 780 on Amazon for $79.

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Mix Tape: Billy Joel Tunes Hit Rock Band, T.I. Hit with Lawsuit

Billy Joel-Plan on purchasing Rock Band 3? Then you'll have the ability to download a number of Billy Joel's hits. This is the first time the singer is allowing his music to be used in a video game.

-"The Time," the first single from The Black Eyed Peas' upcoming album, can be heard online courtesy of will.i.am. The Beginning will be released on November 30.

-Country Strong's Gwyneth Paltrow will be performing the title song from her upcoming movie at the Country Music Awards. Vince Gill will join her for the November 10 gig.

-T.I.'s problems keep mounting. The rapper is being sued by a concert promoter for failing to show up at a "Welcome Back Party" that was thrown in his honor after his last jail release.

-Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett has revealed she has breast cancer. The 51-year-old, best known for the song "I Touch Myself," was already battling multiple sclerosis at the time of her diagnosis.

No Doubt Suing Activision Over Band Hero

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Band Hero logo are suing the makers of a music video game.

The American rock group agreed to have their name and likenesses used in Band Hero, but the band’s manager, Jim Guerinot, said they were “mortified” to find out that players could use singer to perform other artists’ songs. “They’re just like, ‘What? We didn’t sign up for this,’ ” Guerinot said.

No Doubt - whose hits include “Don’t Speak” and “Just A Girl” - are suing the game’s manufacturers Activision for breach of contract and fraudulent inducement. Activision said it “believes it is within its legal rights with respect to the use and portrayal of the band.”

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LDW Virtual Families SIM

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Virtual Families Screenshot

We are big fans of LDW games. They will be releasing their latest, Virtual Families, on April 22. Sim fans and those who have played the Virtual Villagers series will dig this one as well. Running in real time, you adopt a character, introduce him/her to a mate, and make babies. There are plenty of features that are in their other titles as well as new ones that include pets, repairing your house and items for “purchase.” We got a recent peek and if you want something that you can play forever with multiple generations, Virtual Families is your game. Both PC and Mac compatible, sign up if you would like to be notified when it comes out.


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Angelina Jolie out of the Tomb Raider Loop

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Angelina Jolie - Lara CroftIt’s been confirmed: there will be a third Tomb Raider film. But don’t expect to see the franchise you’ve come to know with the new flick, for everything’s about to change in the world of Lara Croft.

For starters, Croft’s origins will be changed (the English aristocrat thing? That’s probably going to disappear). She’ll also have new love interests to woo and villains to fight.

Oh, yeah, and ’s not involved.

Though no one has officially been cast for the role, many are banking on . The Tomb Raider video game franchise has garnered over $1 billion worldwide, the two previous Tomb Raider films notwithstanding.

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Disney Interactive Studios “Disney Sing It” Karaoke Game

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Sing It logoDisney Interactive Studios is pretty clever by appealing to the tween market with their karaoke video game called “Disney Sing It.” Featured are 35 songs from the movies such as “Camp Rock,” and “High School Musical,” and artists like Miley Cyrus and Jesse McCartney. Available in October for Xbox 360, Playstation 2 & 3, Nintendo Wii, and Windows-based PCs, there are multi-player modes that include duet and team competition. We predict this to be a hot seller for the holiday season, so you might want to grab one as soon as it’s released.

The Torture Game 2

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The Torture Game 2Fans of horror movies can get their violent stress relief with The Torture Game 2. It’s a bit disconcerting that anyone can take the simplistic animated body and use a chainsaw, spikes, razor blades, rope, shotgun, or other techniques to disable her/his victim. The chainsaw makes appropriate sound effects. If you feel the game is too much gore, don’t let the kids take a whack at it either. We suspect that the next game will feature water boarding.

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Toys R Us To Preview Guitar Hero: On Tour

If you are more of the Guitar Hero type than a Virtual Village fanatic then make plans Saturday, June 14 to cram into your nearest Toys R Us with about a gazillion other Nintendo DS owners to witness the preview of the new version of the game, “On Tour.” Between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m., the sneak preview is supposed to include hands on testing before its release June 22. Pre-order and get a “Limited Edition” pick/stylus throne in.  We figure, unless you are a really big guy, you have better settle for the sticker, dog tag, and temp tattoo to prove you got in the door.


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Review: Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City

LDW (Last Day of Work) has finally released the latest in their Virtual Villagers series. This time around, VV3: The Secret City goes back to the island of Isola, or rather another side of it with a combination of simulation, adventure, and virtual inhabitants . While this game plays pretty much like its predecessors, such as being able to adjust level of difficulty and speed, there are plenty of new features. Our highlights of VV3 and additional screenshots after the jump.

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Orlando Bloom Set for New Trilogy

Prince of PersiaAlthough his relationship with Kate Bosworth flamed out, I don’t know that anyone can accuse of being afraid of commitment.

According to the New York Post, the actor is now set to star in in his third trilogy.  Bloom will follow up his work in The Lord of the Rings and the franchises with Prince of Persia.  Orlando reportedly beat out rising stud to play the title character in this video game adaptation. 

Interestingly enough, not only is Persia another Disney creation, it’s being produced by Bloom’s old Pirates boss:  Jerry Bruckheimer.  I guess the guy really likes familiarity!

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