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Sunday June 8, 2008 3:49 pm

Review: Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City

LDW (Last Day of Work) has finally released the latest in their Virtual Villagers series. This time around, VV3: The Secret City goes back to the island of Isola, or rather another side of it with a combination of simulation, adventure, and virtual inhabitants . While this game plays pretty much like its predecessors, such as being able to adjust level of difficulty and speed, there are plenty of new features. Our highlights of VV3 and additional screenshots after the jump.

Tribal Chief Screenshot

To begin with, this real time virtual life game features a Tribal Chief. Although this person doesn’t exactly do much beyond contemplating and lecturing, there are a few trick up her/his sleeve, so try tooling the leader around to see what is available.

Clam Screenshot

Weather has been added and directly affects the play. You will need to use the different aspects of the climate to keep your poor inhabitants from starving. While we were playing early on, we found that we just couldn’t keep them from worrying about food most of the time, so we suggest you build your tribe slowly.

Fish Screenshot

Again, there are collections, tech to add knowledge to your group, and more difficult puzzles to figure out. We love that they incorporated graphics similar to two of their other games, Fish and Plant Tycoon.

Tech Screenshot

Look for features of navigating around the larger map with your keypad, the addition of awards to mark milestones, and the ability to pause without leaving the main screen.

Alchemy Screenshot

VV3 is available for PC, Mac, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile, if you want to travel with your group. While we already know that this will be a fave of fans of the first two, we suspect anyone will find it as addictive as LDW’s other video games. We certainly did.

(Thanks, Carla)

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I would just get age of empires 3. This dosent look very fun.

My sister loves this game, though I hate it. I like the game setup though.

@ClintWestwood it’s doesn’t look like it has battles as Age of Empires, It has the same concept but I guess there is no battles.

It’s good for kids anyway.

From their website:
    LDW Software does not sell products for purchase by children. We sell children’s products for purchase by adults. If you are under 18, you may use LDW Software only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

I’m sure there is a valid reason for LDW to have this requirement. I just found it funny.

I’m saving my hard earned coin for Spore to come out later this year. The Creature Creator for Spore should be out in about a week to ten days.

Downloading VV3 now to kick it’s tires and see if it is any fun. 45.2 Megs? Be awhile for me.

I tried it once. It took me forever, even with the tutorials, to get it going. I could not be able to do anything without losing everyone. And I totally didn’t understand why it’s popular. RTS like these are usually fun for me, but this one takes the cake. I’d rather wait for StarCraft II.

I din’t play this game but i played the fish tycoon a year back, i like fish tycoon, if you are saying it is similar to fish tycoon game, i will definitely pay it.

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