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Emma Watson Grows Into Fashionista Image with Elle Cover

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Movies, Child Stars, Clothing, Style, Photos,

Emma Watson on the cover of British Elle

As Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson fronts Burberry and increasingly becomes best buds with Karl Lagerfeld, it’s becoming more apparent that she’s pretty serious about that fashion career. The August edition of British Elle further cements her path, and holy Coco Chanel, does she look gorgeous!

Before she buckles down that path, however, she might take a slight detour and finish school: “I’m so excited. Living in London, it’s hard to be anonymous. But hopefully, on some campus somewhere, I’ll fade into the background a bit.”

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Google Book Search Allows You To Download Novels

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Google, Internet,

Google Book SearchIs there no end to Googlemania? Google Book Search service allows free downloading and printing of classic novels, as well as many obscure books that are in public domain. You can download them to PDF for reading at your leisure, or print them for instantaneous gratification. Formerly, this service only allowed access to out-of copy books online.

Book Search is part of Google’s Books Library Project, which digitizes books from major libraries and is partnered with the University of Michigan, Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University, the University of California and the New York Public Library. Way to go Google! Even we will use this service and think that the keyword generated text ads we have to put up with are worth the price (or in this case, “non-price”).

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