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Google wants to buy Twitch.tv for $1 billion to integrate it into YouTube

Twitch.tv YouTube google

If you live in the world of video gaming, you probably know about Twitch. It's a sound concept. Watch other people play video games. I know I did it when I was nine, there was always a group of us kids around the the guy with the Gameboy playing Mario as we cheered him on.

Now it comes down to watching strangers play over the internet in real time and instead of five guys looking at a handheld console over their friend’s shoulder, it's 43 million people watching a sum total of 6 billion hours of video game coverage every single month.

Those are some big numbers, and if there is one company that has a good nose for big numbers and the internet, it's Google. Now sources connected to Google have let it slip that the internet giant YouTube, owned by Google, is looking to acquire Twitch for $1 billion.

Should the deal go through, Twitch would gain access to Google's nigh-unlimited resources to expand. It also could run afoul of United States monopoly laws, granting Google a majority share of internet video game streaming services.

Twitch alone accounted for 1.35% of all downstream bandwidth in North America in March, with Youtube raking in 18.67%.

It's still in the rumor stage unfortunately, with Youtube and Twitch refusing to confirm talks, naturally. We'll see what banner I'm streaming under when July rolls around.


Twitch streaming coming to Xbox One on March 11

Twitch Xbox One broadcast

Twitch streaming is finally coming to the Xbox One. Exclusive to the Playstation 4 since launch, Twitch allows live broadcasting of your video game session for others to watch in real-time. Now, on March 11th (the same day as the launch of Titanfall,) Xbox One owners will be able to get in on the action. Speak a simple command to Kinect to make it happen--"Xbox, broadcast"--and your stream is live.

Twitch says that the Xbox One version will offer enhanced features that support chat, following, and picture-in-picture in any corner so that you can interact with broadcasters.

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VIDEO: So You Think You Can Dance Veterans Revealed

So You Think You Can Dance logo

As we mentioned earlier, next month’s return of will come with a number of surprises - including a dozen big ones.

Although the contestants will be whittled down to a final list of 10, they will be paired Dancing with the Stars-style with 12 familiar faces - dancers from SYTYCD‘s past.

Like the ABC program, the veterans will not be the ones facing the judges’ scrutiny - just the newbies. The smaller pool will also mean one elimination per week.

Want to know which of your faves will be hitting the stage come May 27? Check out the names after the jump.

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Robert G. Baldwin: Rupe and Freddy

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Rupe 1Freddy is another one of those “forgotten” comic strips that ran for quite a long time, 1956-1980 and then disappeared. If you don’t know to look for it, you might never find it.

Continuing my series on cartooning and cartoonists, Rupe wrote about himself and his work back in 1964. This is pulled from an oversized saddle-stitched magazine from Allied Publications with the creatively-challenged title These Top Cartoonists Tell How They Create America’s Favorite Comics. It featured an introduction by Beetle Bailey’s Mort Walker and was compiled by Allen Willette.

Here’s Rupe on Rupe and Freddy: “Although I sign my work ‘Rupe,’ my real name is Robert G. Baldwin, and I was born in Washington, DC. I’m fifty years old, and I have five children, ages 11 to 22. Four boys and one girl. Frequently the family gathers around my finished work for discussion and, I hope, for a good laugh.

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Changes Announced for So You Think You Can Dance

Nigel Lythgoe Twitter

UPDATE: Lythgoe has already announced two of the veterans returning via his Twitter account: Season 4’s Twitch and Season 6’s Kathryn.

For So You Think You Can Dance‘s seventh season, executive producer announced a series of changes that will supposedly freshen up the show a bit…and make it more like Dancing with the Stars?

When the show returns this May, we will no longer be seeing 20 finalists competing for the dance title. The audition process will now whittle the pool down to just 10 names—five men and five women. So does this mean the series will now end a few weeks earlier than usual? No - because we will now only see 1 person eliminated a week.

Like the six previous seasons, the dancers will still perform with another person—just not a fellow competitor. The contestants will now be paired with rotating “All-Star Partners” from SYTYCD‘s past. (Those returning to the series will be revealed in the weeks to come.) Those veterans, like the ones on that ABC program, will not be the focus of the judges from —just the finalists.

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So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk DVD Trailer

For all you fans, you now have the opportunity to get in shape with some of your favorite SYTYCD personalities, with the SYTYCD Get Fit series. We’ve got an exclusive DVD clip above, giving you a look at what to expect from the dance workout video. In the Get Fit: Cardio Funk version, you’ve got Courtney Galiano working disco, Travis Wall with contemporary, and Lauren Gottlieb with a hip-hop routine. The whole thing gives you a ninety-minute dance workout. This DVD, as well as a So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone and Groove disc, featuring Twitch, Katee Shean, and Dmitry Chaplin, will be available on July 21, for $16.99 each (or you can pre-order it on Amazon for $10.99.)

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So You Think You Can Dance’s Season 4 Winner

So You Think You Can Dance's Top Four

So was it Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss, Katee Shean, Courtney Galiano or Joshua Allen?

If you for some reason missed last night’s finale of , you can see Cat Deeley making the announcement for yourself after the jump.

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So You Think You Can Dance Contestants Hospitalized

So You Think You Can Dance's Top Four

At last night’s taping of the Teen Choice Awards, Mary Murphy confirmed that two of the finalists were sent to the hospital on Saturday.

The two dancers - who were not named - collapsed during rehearsals and were taken to Cedars-Sinai for evaluation. According to the judge, the competitors have all been dancing up to 12 hours a day and were likely dehydrated. As a results, practices ended early on Saturday and were completely canceled (for everyone) on Sunday.

All four competitors - Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss, Katee Shean, Courtney Galiano and Joshua Allen - are expected to return to the floor today.

Part 1 of the two-part SYTYCD finale begins this Wednesday @ 8pm.

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