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Tomb Raider Coming Back Without Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, Tomb Raider no longerTomb Raider is coming back to the big screen, but this time Lara Croft won’t be played by Angelina Jolie.

No writer has been hired, no cast has been named and the release is scheduled for some far-away date in 2013, but we do know this: producer Graham King is going in a whole new direction. He hopes to “create daring new adventures for the young and dynamic Lara Croft.” According to previous reports, the Lara Croft origin story will be re-explored and tweaked in the rebooted version of the franchise.

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Lara Croft gets reinvented for Tomb Raider reboot

tomb raider new lara croft

Tomb Raider has never been a game about pushing the boundaries of the character. Lara Croft herself served as the main attraction, using her alluring sexuality to coerce fan boys into controlling her around through uninspired sequel after sequel. While the gameplay was a novel innovation back in the PS One days, Lara Croft – and Tomb Raider in particular – has been spinning her tires in a rut. Not one to let character die, Crystal Dynamics finally has decided to bring Lara in for rehabilitation.

What is it that drives the story of a game? Is it the action? Or perhaps it is the environment? Certainly these things matter, but what drives them is the character. Great stories are moved along by the characters. The old Lara Croft really had nothing going for her. She’s the trophy wife – a hot chick you married too quickly only to realize just how vapid she really is. Sure you raid tombs and look hot doing it, but why do you do it, Lara? Are you truly happy?

Ironically, Toby Gard designed the character of Lara Croft as a reaction against stereotypes. But look at Lara Croft today and she is the biggest ‘F’-you to female gamers everywhere. Saddening considering the character behind the double D’s is an intriguing one: a wealthy and well educated aristocrat searching for her own way in life.

Transforming Lara into a believable character that is both accessible and strong willed is no simple task. Global Brand Director Karl Stewart and Art Director Brian Horton had to strip down the old Lara Croft in order to birth a new, more authentic person in her place.

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Tomb Raider Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is being lined up to play Lara Croft.

The star is reportedly top of the producers’ list to portray the adventuring archaeologist in a new Tomb Raider movie.

“Kim is wanted to play a far more comic-strip version of Lara, which would be shot in 3-D and aimed at a teen audience,” a source revealed. Kim currently has limited acting experience - only starring in TV show Beyond the Break and CSI:NY.

Angelina Jolie - who played the videogame star in two movies, 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life - is also said to be in consideration for the movie, along with Transformers beauty .

Another reality star has thrown her name into the running: The Hills star Heidi Montag previously expressed her desire to portray Lara Croft on the big screen: “I want to be blonde tomb raider, I’m better with guns than both Angelina and Megan Fox put together!”

Quote of the Day: Heidi Montag on Her Tomb Raider Skills

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag holding guns

“I want to be blonde tomb raider, i’m better with guns then both Angelina and Megan fox put together!”

-The Hills star Heidi Montag explaining via Twitter why she should be cast in the next Tomb Raider film.

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Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Top Cow

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The folks at Top Cow in Los Angeles need a little calf to help them out. They’re looking for a Marketing Assistant with 1-3 years of experience and that precious Bachelor’s Degree clutched tightly in your fingers.

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Angelina Jolie out of the Tomb Raider Loop

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Angelina Jolie - Lara CroftIt’s been confirmed: there will be a third Tomb Raider film. But don’t expect to see the franchise you’ve come to know with the new flick, for everything’s about to change in the world of Lara Croft.

For starters, Croft’s origins will be changed (the English aristocrat thing? That’s probably going to disappear). She’ll also have new love interests to woo and villains to fight.

Oh, yeah, and ’s not involved.

Though no one has officially been cast for the role, many are banking on . The Tomb Raider video game franchise has garnered over $1 billion worldwide, the two previous Tomb Raider films notwithstanding.

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Tomb Raider Anniversary Wii Revealed

Posted by Steve Van Neil Categories: Action, Adventure, Nintendo, Wii,

In this promotional trailer for the version of Tomb Raider Anniversary, Producer Morgan Gray demonstrates some of the game’s Wii-specific motion controls.  Using their Wiimotes, budding Lara Crofts will be able to “touch the game world for the first time.”  Not in that way!  No, instead players can use the controller as a pick-axe to remove obstructions or as a brush to clean off artifacts.  Wiimote-specific control schemes for the various puzzles and combat sequences are obviously a given.  All in all, this brief peek hints at motion control mechanics that are surprisingly well integrated with the core Tomb Raider gameplay.  Gamers are understandably wary of some of these quickie PS2/PSP-to-Wii ports, but Tomb Raider Anniversary is one to keep an eye on.

Eidos has not given official word on a release date for the game besides “Coming Soon,” but we’re guessing it will hit in time for the holidays.

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Tomb Raider Anniversary to Hit 360, Twice

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Action, Adventure, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

Lara Croft It’s no secret that I love me some Tomb Raider, so when Eidos announced that the remake of the original game, titled Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition would only becoming to last-gen (read: PS2) and “new-gen” (read: Wii) consoles, I was a might bit disappointed.

Well, it looks as if Eidos has changed their mind, so color me giddy with anticipation. TR: Anniversary will now be coming to the 360, so you can finally see Lara’s original adventure in all its bump-mapped, pixel-shaded, bloom-lit glory. The really interesting part is exactly HOW the game will be coming to the 360. In its first iteration, TR: Anniversary will be hitting the 360 as downloadable episodic content, starting in September for those that own the excellent TR: Legends. Why? Well, my guess is that they’re meeting MS’s download size requirements by using the in-game engine of Legends, so essentially the Anniversary download will just be new map packs and outfits for Lara. Of course, those of you without the original Legends, or not on Xbox Live will be able to purchase Anniversary as it hits meatspace later in the year in DVD form.

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Tomb Raider Anniversary: The Hotness

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Action, Eidos, PC, PlayStation 2, PSP, Wii,

As a huge fan of the original Tomb Raider game, it’s really gratifying to see how well Crystal Dynamics has re-invigorated the series. And frankly, I can’t think of a better way to make a new Tomb Raider game than to just remake (and improve upon) the original. And judging from the video above, CrystalD has done a really good job of improving on the original. Not only are there huge graphical improvements evident, but this video goes a long way in showing that Anniversary won’t just be a quick port. The developers are obviously taking the time to add some new features and puzzle elements to the game, so that even seasoned TR gamers will be getting a new experience.

TR Anniversary Edition will be releasing shortly for the PC, PS2, and PSP, with a Wii version to follow shortly thereafter. Color me giddy. Now, if we could just erase the memories of Tomb Raider 3 through Angel of Darkness and the movies.

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Gametap Opens Free Ad-Supported Game Site

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Gametap Home
Yesterday, Gametap opened up a new component in their online subscription-based gaming service, and it’s worth taking a look at. Gametap’s new service is a FREE (as in beer) ad-supported list of games that you can play through their client. All that’s required is that you register with their site, and you can begin playing games like Street Fighter 2, Metal Slug, and Tomb Raider: Legend for free. In addition, many of the games are upgraded from their original version, including features such as online play in Metal Slug

So what’s the catch? Well, to start with, you have to watch ads at certain points during the game (for example, when a new level is loading, or when the game is first downloading). The other big problem—and one that a lot of sites don’t seem to be mentioning yet—is that the list of free games available rotates on a week-by-week basis. So while you may be able to play Joust for free this week, all your progress might be for nothing next week when they switch over to a NEW list of ad-supported games. This may not be a huge deal for some of the more arcade-y, quick play games like Rampage or Bust a Move, but it’s going to be pretty lame when you get hooked on TR Legend and then can’t play it after a week. Frankly, this all sounds suspiciously like a ploy to get people hooked on their service enough so that they’ll end up becoming paid subscribers to the full library - I can’t see any true gamer being happy with the list of free games changing every week.

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