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Necky: The neck Snuggie. Please, no.

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Please, someone explain to me why you’d need a Necky, because I am just not seeing it. What is wrong with the regular clothes that we already have, and have used for generations? Why do you need a chestplate that is fashioned out of cheap cloth to stay warm in the winter? Huh?? Answer me!! It’s a scarf, not a freaking bow tie. Learn how to wear one, Necky enthusiasts!


Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamers

Gamer Holiday Gift Guide

“... Or how I blew your college fund on sparkly trinkets.”

Thanksgiving is now over, and so the spirit of crass materialism rides in on a chilly breeze. The holidays are almost here, meaning that you’re likely going to need to drop some hard earned ducats on the people who make it a point to hound you year-round. That being said, if you’re not a hopeless misanthrope like myself, you might already be thinking about what to buy for others. Or for yourself. I’m not going to make any judgment calls, you selfish bastard. I don’t have time for jolliness. I’m like Dorian Gray, all ash and suffering on the inside.

So here’s a list of some fun things your can buy for the gamer in your life this year. Some of it is older, some of it is more obscure, but nothing is obnoxiously expensive, per se. Have fun, you wacky kids.

Hit the jump for the list. If you have any suggestions of your own, please leave them in the comments. Oh, and if you want more, non-game-related gift ideas, check out our full Holiday Gift Guide!

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Celebrity Shopping Pic of the Week: Snuggie Scores a Touchdown

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Chad Ochocinco Snuggie

NFL star Chad Ochocinco was spotted by paps on Black Friday getting a little holiday deal shopping done. The strapping athlete proudly grinned at the camera with his bargain purchase - a Snuggie retailing for $15.  Even big guys like to keep warm!

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Fashion Police: Kendra Wilkinson Bundles Up in Snuggie

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Kendra Wilkinson in her Snuggie

Much like Crocs, Snuggies are an abomination to the fashion industry (if one dares to even include them as such products) that somehow produce a viral effect. Despite Snuggie’s laughable appearance at New York Fashion Week, The Girls Next Door reality star Kendra Wilkinson has fallen into the product’s comfy charms.

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