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VIDEO: Bieber Fails to Segway Away from Screaming Crowd

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Segways might provide you with a fun ride, but they will not help you make a clean escape.

This is something learned the hard way Sunday evening when he tried to flee from a pack of screaming girls.

It’s unclear exactly what happened to Bieber in that sea of jean shorts, but he somehow managed to get to his concert in Glendale, AZ that night.

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Orbis, the one-wheeled Segway-like transportation device

Posted by Mark Rollins Categories: Design, Transportation,

Orbis, the one-wheeled Segway

You generally don’t see people on s in real-life, as they remain pretty much banned in the locales where they’d have the highest demand.

Well, perhaps the Orbis Urban Mobility Vehicle will have a better shot as mass adoption. Maybe. As you can see, it has one wheel, so it would take up a lot less space than crowded two-wheeled Segways.  It’s also battery powered, so it is environmentally friendly with top speeds of up to 13 mph. It’s also super portable, as the handle can wrap around the wheel, which is pretty cool.

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Segway May Become Street Legal in Japan

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Transportation,

SegwaySegways have been prohibited from Japanese streets (and sidewalks) by Japanese road laws, but now, because of Yokahama’s push for tourists and use of environmentally friendly vehicles, the city and Segway Japan are apparently in negotiations to make them street legal. The average price of one in Japan is $10,000.00 and about 100 of the vehicles have been sold so far for use on private property. We guess that means they may also embrace GM’s new PUMA.

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GM and Segway Team for PUMA


Struggling GM has gotten together with Segway to create the PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility.) The two-wheeled USV (ultra small vehicle) will have a maximum speed of 35 mph and can go as far as 35 miles. When the vehicle stops, training wheels can be utilized. Fortunately, it is a bit more protected than the original 2-wheeler. Even if that is the case, we don’t think that it will be a big seller in the colder parts of the U.S., especially in SUV driven Detroit. Look for them to appear by 2012..


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NAIAS 2008: Saturn Flextreme

Saturn Flextreme

Our award for the most creative use of paraphernalia goes to the Saturn Flextreme Plug-in Concept. The vehicle has a 1.3 turbo diesel engine with electric components if you prefer to run it that way. It takes 3 hours to charge for a run of about 34 miles, according to our helpful rep. But the reason we especially loved this car was for the extras in back. See them after the jump.


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Sakura Robot,  for Princesses

SakuraShe answers yes and no questions, tells fortunes and jokes, sings and can keep a secret (via a key in her controller.) Who is she? The Sakura Robot has all the girly features you want in a bot including fashion tips, a cutesy demeanor, and wearing pink. She comes with her very own Segway and wireless remote. We may prefer the more macho type bot, but we suspect this will be a big hit for the more feminine group this holiday season. You can find Sakura for ~$100.00 at Amazon.

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NYPD’s New Segway to Crime Fighting

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NYPD on SegwayThere seems to be two schools of thought regarding the 2-wheeled “personal transporter” known as the —a convenient vehicle for getting around town or a vehicle for the attention-starved. Well, in New York you can now say it’s a vehicle for fighting crime. Twenty-five New York cops have been trained and have started using 10 Segways in parks and beaches including Coney Island, Central Park, Prospect Park and more, with Yankee and Shea Stadiums to come. The Segways won’t be used in the actual streets of NY, as—quite ironically—they fail certain safety standards, and therefore cannot be registered legally in the state. New York joins over 200 police agencies around the country that employ the Segway.

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