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God of War: Ascension Multiplayer details

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God of War Ascension

The God of War series is a long-running franchise with tons of fans, most of whom have assumed that the series was over with God of War III killing off the main character, Kratos. But then there is God of War: Ascension, a game only recently announced by Sony.

The game continues to follow the story of Kratos, a rage driven war machine bent on killing the gods. God of War: Ascension is said to take place before the first game, serving as a prequel to the series. Sony held a conference showing off something never before seen in the God of War series--multiplayer. In this interview after the conference we learn that a player can customize their character and align themselves with a god to earn their favor. It will be interesting to see what else God of War: Ascension has for us, E3 is almost here.

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PSP God of War Gets a Release Date and Demo Details

God of War: Chains of Olympus

The next installment in the popular Sony franchise God of War, subtitled Chains of Olympus and a prequel to the original God of War, will be debuting on the PSP March 4, 2008. The news may be a little disappointing for some hoping to add the flagship first party title to Sony’s handheld this Christmas, but Sony has also announced that it will be putting out a demo at the end of this month. When the game’s official website launched back in April, Sony included the opportunity for North American gamers to sign up for a special UMD-based demo version prior to the game’s release.

The limited edition demo will include part of a playable level plus extra goodies including behind-the-scenes footage. A copy of the demo without the extras will be released later this year.

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E3 2007: Sony’s Press Conference Recap And Impressions

PlayStation Portable redesign box

I’m going to come right out and say it: I’m coming away from Sony’s presentation more impressed than I was either Nintendo’s or Microsoft’s. They were very straightforward and showed exactly what we all wanted to see: the games.

In fact, this was one of the more impressive E3 press conferences in recent memory – check inside to find out why.

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GamerAndy Live! Episode 79: Sony Happy Goat Time

GamerAndy LiveWe are back with another episode of GamerAndy Live! This week GamerAndy, GamerEdie, and Gear Live‘s Andru Edwards are behind the mic, bringing you a fresh dose of this week’s gaming news. Be sure to hit us up on the forums and let us know what you think.


  • A recent ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board threatens Internet radio and independent musicians by increasing costs to webcasters by 1,200 percent retroactively…and even for non-RIAA music. Please send a letter to your representatives to help reevaluate this Draconian and dangerous decision!
  • Sony throws party to celebrate God of War II. Great. The centerpiece of this event? A partially decapitated goat—and guests are invited to reach into the still-warm body, grab handfuls of offal and eat it. Good lord, what were they thinking?!? (Warning: Photo slightly NSFW in the United States for slight nippleage.)
  • Edie discusses the relative difference of “titties,” “boobies,” “boobs,” and “tits.” Andy defines “gazongas.”
  • The Xbox 360 Elite: Does Andru care? Does Edie?
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi (Red Racer, Final Fantasy) + Ken Kutaragi = BFF? Apparently not.
  • Speaking of Krazy Ken: He’s gone. Sony doesn’t want him, and neither does Nintendo, apparently. Sayonara, Sony! Konnichiwa, Mickey-Dees!
  • Andy goes into more detail about his recent PS3 purchase… and it’s not pretty. Andru and Edie also discuss the possibilities for Playstation Home, both pros and cons.
  • Edie still hearts her PS2, and Bully.
  • Andy rails about Kotaku’s recent habit of using countless internal search links in their stories—frustrating as hell, he says.

Ready At Dawn Talks PSP, Daxter, God of War

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DaxterThe Ready At Dawn game studio had already made a name for itself with the impressive Daxter release on the PSP when rumors started swirling that the studio would be tasked to develop the portable version of the God of War franchise. Eventually, the rumors proved true, and now Gamasutra has interviewed Didier Malenfant about the company. Malenfant and Gamasutra discuss the ins-and-outs of the PSP platform (Ready at Dawn finds the 222 mhz default CPU speed most limiting), original vs licensed IP, and the Daxter and God of War engines. Gamasutra also covered the recent phenomenon of reverse ports going from the PSP to the PS2; Ready At Dawn left open the possibility of seeing Daxter hitting the PS2.

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God of War PSP Confirmed

God of War 2 InsertInternet rumors don’t always have the best track record, but it looks like the “accidental” leak of the existence of a God of War game on Ready At Dawn’s website has come true. Sony, of course, played dumb when responding to the rumors, but the God of War 2 packaging for the Playstation 2 confirms the game’s existence, and 1up has a shot of the teaser. At the God of War 2 launch event, game director Cory Barlog also apparently confirmed a version of God of War for the Playstation 3 (like this was in doubt) but also SIXAXIS and rumble support for the new game. It’s hard to tell if Barlog is just spitballing about features that he would like in the PS3 version of God of War 3 or this is an actual feature set, but that rumble is on the radar screen of Sony’s first party development teams is a good thing at this point.

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New Conan Movies, Screens Look Dismember-ific

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Sure, it may owe a lot to its predecessors, and its timing may be bad given the emminent release of God of War II. But I’ll be damned if this game doesn’t look like some straight-up chop-up-some-baddies fun.

I mean just LOOK at that carnage! I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen a floor that bloodied and limb-covered since a bunch of yakuza bit it in Kill Bill I. OK, Conan isn’t the most original game, and given the history of movies turned into games, I don’t have the highest of hopes. Still, some developer had a lot of fun figuring out n different ways to cut a person into bits.

Conan (not to be confused with the upcoming MMORPG Age of Conan) will be hitting the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. Hopefully these previews will keep your bloodlust in check until then.

See more images, after the jump…

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God of War II Trailer Released, Should Sony Just Go Back to the PS2?

Yes, it’s true… God of War II is going to be amazing, at least if this trailer is any indication. Given the graphics and animations seen in this trailer (which look good enough to pass for an early “next-gen” title), it begs the question - should Sony just give up on next-gen? The PS2 has been a cash cow for Sony for a long time, and if developers can pump out titles of this quality for the system, why not just stick with what’s working? From all the latest news on the PS3, it certainly sounds like developers wouldn’t mind going back to the PS2 and writing some more quality games for the console.

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