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Verizon fixes iPhone 5 glitch that consumed data while connected to Wi-Fi

Verizon iPhone 5 carrier setting update

It appears that iPhone 5 users on the Verizon network were using up their allotted data while connected to Wi-Fi networks. Fortunately, there is a carrier setting update that resolves this issue. As such, this is a highly recommended update for all users on Big Red, even those on unlimited data plans and, of course, those who are on the tiered or shared data plans. It appears that no other carrier is affected by this but, just in case, keep a close watch on your data usage for any funny business.

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Google temporarily marks entire Internet as harmful

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Google ErrorEven Google can screw up. If you noticed yesterday that when you hit a search you got the error screen “may harm your computer,” you weren’t the only one. The period only lasted about 40 minutes but we guess that was long enough to freak a few Googlers out. Their engine works with stopbadware.org that helps find malicious software then sends a list to them. After updating Saturday, Google accidentally flagged all of their sites. The company attributed the problem to “human error.”

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Researchers Use World of Warcraft to Study Real-World Response to Disease

Testing Disease Response From Corrupted Blood WoW EventThe New York Times has a story about a group of researchers who examined the outbreak of the in-game disease ‘corrupted blood,’ originally designed to affect only high-level characters, for clues about what the social response might be to an actual pandemic. The game provided the authors of a research paper set to be published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal a unique set of conditions for this research that had typically been difficult to simulate: A wide population, an emotional response (because WoW players get really attached to their characters) and the ability to disseminate information among the population.

The corrupted blood outbreak was a glitch in WoW that took place in September 2005 and provided a unique look at the responses both by the population and the “bug:”

As the virus spread, very real challenges emerged, such as the failure of quarantine measures, further transmission by character’s pets and the existence of “immune” characters, who act as carriers, passing the virus to others while failing to succumb to symptoms.

It’s a fascinating use of the social construct that WoW has become.

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Sony Update Fixes Backward Compatibility Glitch

Playstation 3 Backward Compatibility When Sony released the 1.50 Firmware update in Japan, most of the reaction on the Internet was muted; after all, the upgrade seemed to add support for touchless payment methods and Korean input text via keyboard. However, mentioned almost as a side note, was an update for backward compatibility for PS1 and PS2 games. However, now that the firmware update has dropped for US customers, the compatibility patch now seems to be one of the larger parts of the update. One of the biggest complaints about the Playstation 3 backward compatibility functionality has been graphical glitches in PS1 and PS2 games, particularly when using the advanced connection options of the PS3. The 1.50 update largely fixes these issues, making backward compatibility that much easier to enjoy. There are still some game-specific issues lingering, but PS3 gamers can now play a large majority of their PS2 games glitch-free. The patch gives hope that Sony is listening to the concerns of gamers and that future fixes may yet take care of the remaining issues with the console.

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Glitches Slip Into Pokemon Diamond, Pearl

Pokemon Diamond Nintendo of Japan has announced that Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl for the Nintendo DS have a “rare” bug that causes the came to malfunction in certain situations and possibly cause the loss of save date, according to GameSpot. A couple of workarounds have been posted to the official Japanese Pokemon website, and apparently, patches will be issued through Nintendo DS Download stations in Japan.

This glitch should be fixed by the time the game hits American shores, but this is the latest in a series of issues that have been found in Nintendo DS games. First, Amaze Entertainment, developers for Lego Star Wars 2 for the Nintendo DS admitted that the first batch of the game released had significant bugs, and later batches have slipstreamed in fixes. Then, it was revealed that Bubble Bobble Revolution had a huge bug that prevented users from finishing the game. Luckily, a series of horrible reviews for the game probably prevented many gamers from purchasing that title. Now, one of Nintendo’s highest profile titles has issues. It is hard to draw conclusions based on issues found in three separate development teams and publishers, but there does seem to be an overall rise in issues making their way to consumers across all platforms.

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