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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood now available for $34.99 on Amazon

This goes out to all my broke Assassin's Creed fans. I know what it's like; the next instalment of your favorite game comes out, one you have been waiting for what feels like a lifetime. But there is one big, big problem -- you don't have an extra 60 bucks to shell out for a video game. Things like rent, baby diapers, and holidays often get in the way of what we really want. Well, I think I can help. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood  is available for $34.99 on Amazon for both Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms--that's a savings of 42%. Sure, it's not free but every little bit helps!


Nano Vehicle Released in India

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NanoToday is the day that Tata Motors debuts its Nano in Mumbai, India. The starting price of $1999.00 means that it is pretty basic. The car is 10.2 ft. long, has a 623cc rear engine, a very small trunk and only one windshield wiper. Power steering, a radio and air conditioner are optional. The fact that it doesn’t have airbags or antilock brakes tells us that it will undoubtedly not reach the States without some upgrading. Tata Motors has been having financial problems of late so we hope the mini-car can get them out of their difficulties.

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Pod Hotel, Inexpensive Travelers Friend

Pod HotelEver get ticked off at the airport because of a delayed or canceled flight and have to crash there (no pun intended)? There is hope for travelers with the Pod Hotel. $89.00 buys you 7 x 12 feet of sleep space with climate control, an iPod docking station, wireless internet, and LCD TV with no remote. The down side is that you have to share bathrooms, you cannot smoke in them, and there is not much moving around space. Originating in Japan as far back as 1979, they are now available in London and Amsterdam, having been built early this year, as well as one in New York City that was built last year. There are now plans for expansion which sounds to us like a great idea for a budding entrepreneur.

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Wal-Mart to Sell $250 HD-DVD Player, Will Customers Notice?

Wal-Mart Logo With all this talk of PS3s, 360s, and Wiis going around, it’s easy to forget that there’s also a next-gen video format war going on - one which will likely have severe repercussions for either Sony or M$. Well, the latest shot in the High-def disc format war has been fired, and this time it’s mega-retailer Wal-Mart that may help tip the scales in HD-DVD’s favor (or at least give Blu-Ray something to worry about).

This week, Wal-Mart announced that they would be producing and distributing an HD-DVD player that well be the cheapest available, coming in at around $199-$299. I haven’t spent much time in Wal-Marts (I find them noisy, messy, and crowded when compare to other retailers… oh, and generally evil). So I’ve got to ask… is Wal-Mart really a place where you want to pick up your next piece of high-end (or at least, moderate-end) electronics? My impression was that most of the folks who shop there probably aren’t too tuned-in to the next-gen DVD formats, and may not even own an HDTV set to take advantage of such hardware. Still, perhaps the lure of a ridiculously cheap HD player will pull a few bargain-hunting techno-fiends towards their blue glow. And hey wait, while we’re on the topic shouldn’t Target be the one promoting HD-DVD (think: slick red cases!), and Wal-Mart be the one promoting Blu-Ray? That would make much more chromatic sense, at least.

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Best Xbox 360 Deal Yet - Platinum 360 + 3 games: $370

Xbox 360 Ring of LightFry’s has possibly the best deal yet on an Xbox 360 system, for all of you out there mulling over your next-gen console choices. For $370 (shipping included!), you can get the Xbox 360 Platinum console with 3 free games. But these aren’t just any 3 games - the games you’ll find packed-in with your system are three of the best and most well-reviewed 360 titles out there: Dead Rising, Saint’s Row, and Test Drive: Unlimited.

This deal can only be found online at Fry’s Outpost and doesn’t appear to be available in their brick-n-mortar stores yet, so be prepared for this one to go fast. We’re betting that this is part of a broader strategy by Microsoft to find a competitive new price point / package for their year-old console, so we may be seeing this deal or something like it again in the future. Still, if you’ve been thinking about getting a 360, don’t take the chance of missing out on this one!

Special thanks to SlickDeals.net for finding this one!

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