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M.I.A. to Give Free Concert in New York

M.I.A.New York-area residents will be the recipients of a free show next month—courtesy of

The “Paper Planes” performer will be footing the bill for the event to be held at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Attendance for the concert will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only those 18 and over will be allowed entry.

The show will be held on October 6.

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Manhattan: All the Five Burroughs for Your NES!

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Manhattan All Five Burroughs NESHave you ever wondered what Manhattan would look like from the perspective of a Nintendo RPG in the mid-80’s?  No?  Then you’re either a commie or were born too late to get my clever Breakfast Club John Bender impressions; either way, you’re a neo-maxi-zoom-dweeby.  For all of you who answered ‘yes’ to my previous query or at least started reminiscing about that time that you beat Mike Tyson, then this little time waster is for you.  Brett Camper, an MIT alum and a true friend to the geek in all of us if there ever was one, has created an 8-bit map of NYC’s 5 Burroughs at 8bitnyc.com.  So dig out your Dr. Mario shirt, press up-down-up-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-select-start and go get functionally lost in what Mapquest would’ve looked like over a 1kbps dial-up modem circa 1985.

Brooklyn Native Telfair Arrested on Gun Charge

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Bassy in Trouble
Current Boston Celtic and Brooklyn native Sebastion Telfair was arrested Friday for illegal possession of a loaded gun. Telfair, 21, was pulled over driving his SUV for speeding on a Yonkers road, going 77 miles per hour in a 45 mile an hour zone. The police officer found a loaded handgun underneath his seat.

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