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Newly redesigned Volkswagen Beetle attracts male buyers

Redesigned VW Beetle

Let’s face it, the New Beetle wasn’t much of an attention grabber. It came off as cute, girly, and flowery, and as such, it lacked in sales to the male population. But Volkswagen wanted to change that, so they redesigned the New Beetle to be more manly and appealing across the board. They have succeeded.

Volkswagen has reported that male sales for the Beetle are up to 43%, which is a staggering improvement from the 29% of the New Beetles from years past. Also, many dudes, according to VW, have showed an interest in the diesel version of the Beetle, which is due some time in 2013. Also, along with the redesign, VW’s ads have also had a male focused vibe, which is also an aiding factor in their sales.

With this being said, it leaves us with one question to ask our male readers, would you buy the new VW Beetle? If so, why or why not? And, ladies - does the new design turn you off? Leave your comments below.


Video: Poop-powered Volkswagen New Beetle roams the streets of Bristol

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From what we can see, Translogic has gotten its hands on some sick modes of transportation. This, by far, has got to be the most creative and, shall we say, natural way, to get a Volkswagen New Beetle moving. The Beetle, also known as the Geneco Bio Bug, runs on human waste, though that might sound crude, there's more to it than you might think. It runs on something they refer to as biogas, a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. Check the video above, shot on location at the Wessex Water waste treatment plant in England, to see what the poop-powered Beetle is all about.

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NAIAS 2008: Volkswagen Tiguan Printer

Tiguan Printer

There weren’t as many clever toys at the NAIAS this year. Almost everything was interactive touchscreen technology, cutting down on the paperwork and the need for real humans to talk to us. We did find a machine tucked away in the Volkswagen area that would print pictures and specs on demand of their new Tiguan.  You specify the options you desire, push print, and voila! We suspect that by next year, there will be no need for humans at all.

By the way, we did check out the newest Beetle, which an associate told us featured a built-in flower bud vase on the console last year. This year it is simply a roomy, clean-looking sedan at a MSRP of about $24,000. A couple of shots after the jump.

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