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Latest Google Easter Egg: Let it Snow

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Google, Internet,

Google's latest Internet Easter egg has a holiday theme. Even if you're living in a warmer climate, the search engine giant is making it snow.

Typing "let it snow" into Google.com will return the normal search engine results for YouTube videos of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra singing the classic song. But then, a few snowflakes will start falling from the top of the screen until all the search results are obscured by a digital blizzard.

Once the page is completely full of snow, you can "draw" on the screen with your mouse. Clicking the "defrost" button will bring up the search results once again, but snowflakes will continue to fall in the background.

To see the snowy results, don't put quote marks around the phrase. The trick does not appear to work on mobile devices; nothing fancy from an iPhone 4 running iOS 5 (Update: One reader reported that it works on her iPad. Others, however, are having difficulties in particular browsers, like IE9.)

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