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Monday September 17, 2007 9:14 pm

The Banana Guard Protects and Serves

Banana Guard

Is it me, or is looking at this item making you think of endless R-rated jokes? Anyway, it’s not what you think it is (whatever that may be). It’s the Banana Guard, a storage case that protects the vulnerable, potassium-rich fruit from bruises and smushing. The Banana Guard was “designed to fit the vast majority of bananas,” is easy to open and close and even makes a snapping sound when shut. Great for kids, it comes in 5 pretty colors (with a glow-in-the-dark one coming soon!) and you can even have a company name or logo printed on it (on larger orders). C’mon people, how can you not love an item with the


slogan “Protect your Banana”? Available for $7 USD.

Read More | Banana Guard via Geekologie

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