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Sunday January 6, 2008 6:12 pm

Presidential Debate Influenced by Internet

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Editorial, Internet

Mike Huckabee

Okay, so we didn’t all get to go to the CES, but somebody had to hold down the fort in case the Gear Live crew has too much fun. I mean, at least we get to see the power of the Internet in other ways. If you caught the debate on ABC last night, you surely noticed the candidates plying their wares outright on National TV.

Fred Thompson was the first to mention that he loves the contributions he is receiving online, and his site posts how much money he has accrued. Mike Huckabee also said that part of his success in Iowa was due to his website which has created quite a following. Both men were quick to give their specific addys. And, by the way, let’s not forget that one of the sponsors was Facebook, where you could follow online the sometime hostile action between Hillary, Barack, and John. The Internet is a glorious place and we should be thankful that so much information is available.

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