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Thursday June 26, 2008 2:47 pm

Ian Usher Sells His Life for $233,000

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Internet

Ian UsherTalk about depressing. Ian Usher was obviously devastated when his wife left him since he decided to auction off his life on eBay. The Australian resident was hoping to raise $475,000.00 to make a fresh start. The package included most of his worldly possessions and a chance to take over his job. The first day it appeared that the bids went as high as $2.1 million. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a glitch in the system, so when all was said and done the highest bid was only $233,000. While that is only about half of what he would have liked, that seems enough to make a pretty decent start.

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I cant believe someone bid on that. And why would anyone do that, just because he got all that money to start over he’s still the one who got divorced and its still a part of his life no matter what. The only thing he got rid of was his possesions and his job thats it. I think he is silly for doing this.

I read his website and he’s clearly depressed because he lost his wife.  It’s his emotions that compelled him to sell himself.  He made a very quick decision in deciding to sell himself.  I can’t believe eBay is allowing auctions of this type, it’s ridiculous!  Ian will surely regret making this decision. 

I wonder what people were thinking when they bidded for him.  What must be in their minds.  It seems so inhumane to bid on something like this.  Very sickening indeed!

I still find it hard to believe that eBay actually allowed this auction to go through.

I think that they were really bidding on his property. The house, car etc.  I think this is sad. Maybe he should have had counseling before he tried this.  It sounds like a very drastic step/ to Sell you life….

That’s still quite a bit of money, but I still think it is one of those weird auctions that got a lot of attention! As for the people who bidded, well, I’m pretty sure they all have a reason why, haha, so I can’t say for sure. Still, I wish him the very best and well, it is very depressing and sad how he had to sell his life though.

I wonder how much my life is worth! haha.
I really think it was just a publicity stunt. Who in the right mind even with depression would ebay their life.

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