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Monday June 25, 2007 2:31 pm

Tomy Goes Solar With Sunshine Buddies

KotoriManekiFeng Shui

Tomy, our favorite maker of all things wind-up, tiny, and cute, has come up with a line of solar powered creatures based on their Sunshine Buddies (Hidamari No Tami) that we hear are beloved in Japan for their pleasing expressions. The Kotori Dayori-Solar Relaxation Hummingbird doesn’t fly or hum or even look like one, but chirps its way into your heart for $17.50. The 4.3-inch baby lucky cat (Maneki Neko) smiles and waves to you for good luck at a price of $19.50. Finally, who could resist the ringleader, the Feng Shui Hidamari, which nods its head for a mere $13.50, and will reportedly bring you better health when placed in the southern part of a room. These three and more can can be found at JBox.com.

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