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Thursday February 10, 2005 2:07 pm

iDisk II 120X: 8GB USB Flash Drive

Posted by Oscar M. Cantu Categories: Peripherals

iDisk 120XJust when you thought Corsair’s 2 GB Flash Drive was big enough, Solid Alliance announces the World’s Smallest 8 GB Flash Drive. “Worlds smallest” seems to be a trend that is being used over and over again at what is almost a daily affair. This one looks like any other generic flash drive out there but has huge storage capacity. You can almost pack 2 DVDs in this little bad boy. Solid Alliance has also released 2GB and 4GB versions on February 7th. The 8GB flash drive is set to be released in the middle of 2005. These flash drives are compatible with Microsoft Windows ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.2 and Linux 2.4.

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Heh.  Hook up about 4 of these in a RAID…...niiice.

Seriously though, I love how big these flash drives are getting.  It’s amazing just how much space they’re fitting on them.

As Falcoboy7 said, “Who needs this much space on a port. drive?”

I do!  This would be great for backing up all of my movies and music that I have stored on my computer.  It sounds like a winner to me!  All depends on the final price.

I want 5.

transferring 8 gigs worth of stuff on usb 2.0 would take awhile.

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