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Tuesday October 10, 2006 8:01 am

Google Buys YouTube For $1.65 Billion

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Okay, so, if you haven’t heard, Google has purchased the ridiculously popular online video sharing service YouTube for $1.65 billion in an all-stock acquisition. That would make YouTube Google’s largest purchase to date, and quite possibly, it’s most questionable. I mean, after all, our biggest experiences with YouTube involved viewing copyrighted material that YouTube had no business hosting. We would love to see how Google plans on dealing with that nightmare. According to YouTube execs, who should be out partying rather than making statements, YouTube is expected to still operate on it’s own and continue stealing content

doing it’s thing.

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Well Google doesn’t seem to worried about the content thing according to their plans to scan/host every book available lol. Will be interesting to see how they protect the profits and keep from being sued like crazy…the pot just got jucier for those who may have wanted to sue. But I could see how this is just another huge advertising resource for Google. First an exclusive with myspace now basically and exclusive for youtube…so two of the most trafficed sites on the web is pretty impressive.

lol, check out my attempt at a youtube wannabe wink

www.TheShoutOut.com - please don’t sue me though wink. Any intererst google? heheh.

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