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Thursday September 15, 2005 7:37 pm

Burnout Revenge Reviewed

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Product Reviews, Video Games

Burnout Revenge

Many have been looking forward to Burnout Revenge, which just hit stores today. Our sister site Playfeed has posted a look at the new game, citing that it just isn’t evolutionary enough from the previous game in the series, Burnout 3. Anyone else pick up this title? Let us know your thoughts.

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Forum Discussion

I'll be checking the game out later. I know I was looking forward to this game, especially after playing the Demo over and over again :-p .... Hopefully I won't be disapointed by this one or Lockdown. :-)

I liked all the other burnouts, gonna check this game out anyway

I havent played any Burnout games, I have to buy one soon.

[quote author="redman12" date="1126946229"]I havent played any Burnout games, I have to buy one soon.[/quote] they good if u like very arcade style, i usually dont, im more of forza type, but i seem to like burnout anyway

Don't be a hater! I picked up the game last nite and it kept me up till early in the morning. All the game styles are here from the previous versions; racing, knockouts, and crash plus some new additions. The new gametype I will admit is rather weak, you just run into every car avoiding on-coming traffic and obstacles, other than that you can pretty much get gold on the first try. The previous gametypes are as strong as ever, but crash mode is different. I was set back a bit, but as I started playing more of the crash maps, I've grown to love it. No longer are the floating icons for boost, x2, x4, ect on the map; instead, you have to use a shifting method (similar to the NFS:Underground drag events), this determines your starting speed, the rest is planning the best route to inflict maximum carnage. I would recommend the title to anyone, from previous owners to fans of arcade racing. The tracks are solid and you wont be disappointed

I have a gaming wheel, so i think this game will be fun.

I personally think Andru was a little harsh on this game... I played it at E3 and it was GREAT!!!!!! One of the things that makes the Burnout Series so Enjoyable is the crashes.... That's the heart of the game!!!!

For me, when cames like these come out, i find it hard to turn and control because they try to make the game more realistic.

Jesse - the game at E3 was a demo - and you are right, the crashes is what makes the series so enjoyable, and heart pounding because you wanted to AVOID EVERYTHING when racing or else you would be totalled. Now it isn't a problem, just plow into just about anything in front of you, and you are fine while cars and trucks fly out of your way like cardboard boxes.

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