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Tuesday May 15, 2012 12:42 pm

Apple prepping MacBook Pro with Retina display, USB 3.0

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, PC / Laptop, Rumors, USB

Retina Display on MacBook Pro

Apple is preparing to launch a redesigned MacBook Pro that'll be sporting all sorts of new features. According to multiple sources, the new MacBook Pro will feature a new, ultra-thin unibody design, USB 3.0 ports (a first for Apple,) and at the center of it all, a "jaw-dropping" Retina display.

How's Apple gonna achieve making a thin notebook even thinner? With the removal of two components. First, the optical drive is going bye-bye. Apple started phasing out optical drives with the release of the original MacBook Air, and then continued the trend with the latest Mac mini. With the release of the Mac App Store, and broadband being to ubiquitous, it stands to reason that digital files and downloads are here to stay. Apple does still sell an external optical drive that connects via USB for those who need it.

MacBook Pro Retina display

Speaking of USB, up until this point, Apple has been laser-focused on pushing Thunderbolt as its next-generation speedy connection solution. However, while Thunderbolt is certainly fast (much faster than USB 3.0 even,) it's taken quite a while for products that support the standard to see the light of day--and those that are currently available sell for a much higher pricetag than USB 3.0 devices. It's definitely nice to see that Apple is willing to incorporate both standards going forward.

Lastly, the Retina display. Those who've seen it say it's remarkable. Obviously, it was a big deal on the iPhone, and it was an even bigger deal on the new iPad. Imagine a 15-inch Retina display that uses HiDPI graphics? We can't wait.

We don't expect that the new MacBook Pro will launch until WWDC in June. Of course, if any new info about the release is available, we'll let you know.

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