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Kevin Smith Bored of Action Films

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Kevin SmithKevin Smith thinks shooting action films is "f**king boring."

The director - who has previously made Red State and Cop Out - claims he is now bored of creating the dramatic films and would rather spend his life chatting.

"I'd rather waste time sitting around talking to people than waste time on a movie set. Well, it's not a waste because you're eventually getting a product, but you shoot two weeks for a 30-second action sequence. Life's too short. Shooting action is just painstakingly f**king boring."

Kevin plans to retire from making movies after his next project because he feels he has nothing left to add to the world of cinema: "After 20 years of doing it, it feels like, 'Let me try something else for 20 years.' I don't have anything left to say in movies now. I'm just spinning wheels."

The 41 year-old claims he never regrets any of the work he has done or hasn't done.

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Quote of the Day: Kevin Smith on Working With Bruce Willis

It was difficult. I’ve never been involved in a situation like that where one component is not in the box at all. It was f*****g soul crushing... I mean, a lot of people are gonna be like, ‘Oh, you’re just trying to blame the movie on him. I had no f*****g help from this dude whatsoever."

-- Director Kevin Smith on working with A-list actor Bruce Willis on Cop Out.

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Box Office Breakdown: Alice in Wonderland in the Green Zone

Alice in Wonderland

The combined forces of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass could not earn the green.

Although the film nearly matched The Hurt Locker‘s total domestic gross ($15.7 million) in just one weekend, Green became the latest war-based film to open to underwhelming numbers. The movie, which debuted to $14.3 million and cost approximately $100 million to produce, also came nowhere near Damon and Greengrass’ last project together. (The Bourne Ultimatum opened to $69.3 million in 2007.)

Meanwhile, continued along its fantastic journey. The movie, which has now taken in over $209 million domestically, has officially become one of Disney’s Top 20 all-time entries.

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Box Office Breakdown: Wonderful Start for Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Something tells me we’ll be seeing more collaborations between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton soon.

, the latest project from the famous movie-making team, unfolded to a whopping $116 million over the Oscar weekend. Disney’s 3-D adaptation had the best open ever for a non-sequel and the largest debut for any winter release outside of the holiday season. (And we thought Passion of the Christ‘s $83.8 million looked good six years ago.)

Tim Burton’s entry gave the director his best first weekend to date (compared to the $68.5 million Planet of the Apes grossed in 2001). The movie did, though, come in second to Johnny Depp’s personal high. (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men’s Chest raked in $135.6 million in 2006.)

Alice also topped all 3-D openers…including Avatar. (Granted, James Cameron did have a blizzard to contend with at the time.)

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Box Office Breakdown: Cop Out Misses Out

Cop Out

When is a second place finish considered good news? When it’s the biggest debut you’ve had in your career.

Despite recently being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight and losing out to Shutter Island, Kevin Smith still has something to smile about. His latest directorial project, , opened to $18.2 million over the weekend. That figure surpasses his previous best of $11.1 million for 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

And while Bruce Willis has clearly seen better days, he hasn’t in some time. Fortunately, his comedic partnership with Tracy Morgan raised over $3 million more than his last major outing, Surrogates, did last September.

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In Theaters This Weekend (2/26)

Cop Out

Here are a few selections in theaters this weekend:

  • Cop Out (R): starring Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott (directed by Kevin Smith)
  • The Crazies (R): starring Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Danielle Panabaker (directed by Breck Eisner)
  • The Art of the Steal* (NR): (directed by Don Argott)
  • Defendor* (R): starring Woody Harrelson, Kat Dennings, Elias Koteas (directed by Peter Stebbings)

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Celebrities React to Brittany Murphy’s Death

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Brittany MurphySince news of Brittany Murphy’s death broke out yesterday, stars have issued statements and turned to Twitter to express their condolences about the 32-year-old.

Although Alicia Silverstone “didn’t stay in close touch over the years” with her Clueless costar, she says she’ll always feel love for her. “I always felt connected to her as we shared a very special experience in our lives together. I feel love in my heart for her - and hope she is at peace. This is truly sad,” Silverstone told People magazine. “I loved working with Brittany. She was so talented, so warm and so sweet.”

“She had the voice of an angel and a genuine heart of gold,” Donald Faison, another star from Murphy’s 1995 film, told MTV News. “She had the voice of an angel and a genuine heart of gold. I’m very happy to have known and worked with such a special person. My heart goes out to all of her loved ones.”

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Kevin Smith’s Labor Day Twitter Marathon

Kevin Smith

If you had 15 minutes to talk to , what would you ask him? What if you had a whole day?

This Labor Day, the Clerks director will turn to his Twitter account to answer all your questions. The 24-hour “Tweet-A-Thon” was organized to help promote his upcoming book.

“This is not news at all. In fact, it’s kinda stupid,” Smith admitted about the stunt. “But I wanna see if I can do it. I’ve been training for this my whole life, simply by being a lazy fat-ass who’d rather stare at a screen than better himself with a brisk constitutional. Someone asked what my training regimen is gonna be, and I told them I’ve already stockpiled lots of Count Chocula.”

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Quote of the Day: Kevin Smith on Star Trek’s Chris Pine

Kevin SmithChris Pine

“I’d watch that dude do anything….I’d watch that dude have sex with my wife at this point. He’s such a good actor.”

-Director Kevin Smith talking to MTV News about Star Trek‘s “astounding” .

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Box Office Breakdown: A Bloody Good Weekend for Twilight


Although Disney features typically find a place at the top of the pack, the studio’s cute puppy was outmatched by a hot vampire this weekend. After pulling in $35.9 million on Friday ($7 million of which was earned at midnight), went on to suck up nearly $70 million in total. The film’s first day take alone was enough for Summit Entertainment to immediately greenlight a sequel. (A script for New Moon had already been in the works.)

The Stephenie Meyers adaptation - which was originally slated to premiere on December 12 - undoubtedly owes Warner Bros. partial credit for its success. Had the studio not chosen to move until next year, Twilight would most likely have debuted in fewer theaters. The Catherine Hardwicke film also wouldn’t have become the highest opener ever for a female director. (Deep Impact, helmed by Mimi Leder, took home $41.2 million in 1998.)

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