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Thursday February 23, 2006 9:54 pm

TextPayMe: Send Money With Your Cell Phone

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Hot Deals, Internet, Video Games

TextPayMeWow, is this service long overdue or what? TextPayMe is a PayPal-like service that allows you to send and receive money by simply using SMS over your mobile device. Even better, they are currently giving anyone who signs up a free $5.00 deposit into their TextPayMe account. Here are a few of the suggestions they offer for using the service:

  • Split restaurant bills on the spot
  • Settle your roommate’s rent and utility bill from wherever
  • Pitch in real money for a split gift rather than an IOU

We will definitely be giving this one a spin. Having the ability to do this from wherever you are using your mobile phone works a lot better than having to sign in to Paypal from where we stand. If you sign up soon, you can qualify to be in the running to win a free Xbox 360. An Xbox 360, plus an additional five bucks for free? What’s not to like?

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Forum Discussion

Thanks guys. If I get enough for a 360, I will be giving them away here on the site :) One thing - there is no limit to the number of 360s you can get on this!

I signed up under you Andru. Looks cool

Signed up under Andru

We have 17 signups so far. If we get 19 more of you to sign up, we will have the Xbox 360 to give away - which we will be doing live on our Bleeding Edge video show.

We got 5 signups today - only 14 more needed in the next 5 days! :)

Cmon guys! The more that signup, the more XBOX 360's there are to win!!!


Yeah whenever you mention the chance of winning something such as an xbox360, everyone jumps in :)

[quote author="Andru Edwards" date="1142434484"]Wow - Just ONE MORE NEEDED :)[/quote] Did you ever get that one referral? I think it would be great if someone at GearLive could get a free 360. Keep us posted!

TextPayMe has a winner's list up, and these two entries are on it. # Andru E from Washington won an Xbox 360 on 3/6/06 # Andru E from Washington won an Xbox 360 on 3/18/06 assuming both are you, andru, thats pretty awesome!

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