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November 16, 2004

Behind the Scenes: "The Polar Express"

Where's that train headed...?

Motion capture has been explained a million times on past DVD extras. The interesting thing about about "The Polar Express" was that Tom Hanks supplied the motions for four of the characters: a hobo, a boy, the conductor and Santa himself. Plus, they used 152 miniature motion capture sensors to capture facial movements as well. They've been hyping the "breakthrough" technology to publications for weeks before the release. Sure enough, the vistas and the animation has been heralded as stunning, except for a problem with unnaturally "dead-looking" eyes of the characters. We think that the box office results have been hampered by the marketing potential of the story, plus stiff competition. Last weekend, the film brought in only about half the box office results of The Incredibles, which was then running on its 2nd week.

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Posted by Hector at November 16, 2004 05:54 AM

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Wow I didn't know he was four characters. I want to see this. We read this book all the time in elementary school.. brings me back haha.

Posted by: Lisa at November 18, 2004 07:59 AM

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