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Monday March 15, 2010 12:43 pm

Secret Contacts App for iPhone - Sleaze for only $1.99

Posted by Finnian Durkan Categories: Utilities,

Secret Contacts AppThe Directors Bureau of Applications, the creators of Can Moo, Say it! and The Song Idea Generator has released its Secret Contacts app, moving from the realm of cute but useless apps and leaping headfirst into the douche-canal of misanthrope-enabling apps.  Secret Contacts a way for you to hide your little black book from prying eyes—your girlfriend/wife/overbearing pet—in an app that masquerades as an innocuous little tip-calculator.  While the premise for this is a clever and sneaky little idea, the execution of its advertising—hell, the fact that they had any at all—kind of defeats the purpose.
“Yes, hide your little black book on your iPhone from prying eyes; prying eyes that, should they even know how to operate an iPhone or have even heard of the internet will surely have also heard about this app, rendering it completely moot…. wait… scratch that… damn.”  It seems to me that this is another funny idea that should have maybe stayed in the drunken post work brainstorm-session/happy-hour in which it was conceived.  If your significant other understands basic technology and is actually crazy enough to search through your contacts, then they will also have heard of this app even before you, cheeky monkey; if not, then there is really no point at all, now is there?  Why would you waste $1.99 on an app that is either rendered useless either by it’s advertising or by its lack of necessity?  Now where did I put my battery-powered battery re-charger?

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