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Tuesday November 9, 2010 4:10 pm

My Kingdom for iPhone review

Posted by Patrick Lambert Categories: Games, Reviews, Free Apps,

my kingdom iphone review

Chillingo, the publisher of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, recently released My Kingdom. This MMORPG features a vast fantasy world where players can build settlements, trade, socialize, and compete. This is similar to most other games of this type out there. The innovative part however is that this world is based on your current location in the real world. For example, if you're in New York, the part of the virtual world you see around you will correspond to your physical location.

When you start, you can decide a few basic details such as your avatar name and gender. Then, you start creating a settlement at a location you visit often. As you grow your kingdom, you can make more settlements as you visit more places in the world. Usually you'll want to make your main settlement in a place you visit often, probably home, and then you could spread others at your work location, a store you go to often, and so on. As other players also happen to travel near you, they will be able to also make settlements, and see yours.

Once you've grabbed a piece of land, you can make buildings, and start harvesting goods. There are various basic materials such as wood and iron, and these can be processed to make other items. On top of the basic goods generating buildings, you'll also want to build some defenses, because the game goes further than simply social interaction and harvesting. Once you have goods, you can trade them in your local market. What defines a local market is also your location in the world, so your market may be the whole city of New York, for example. If your settlement creates iron, and you need wood to build a tower, you can trade for it. Once you have several settlements, you can also use your caravan to transport goods without having to physically move to that location.

The game also has some competitive elements, such as achievements, finding treasures as you travel, and the possibility to go and steal other people's stored goods. It's a free game, although they offer a "pro" version which allows you to gain more advantages using gold instead of real money, but it's possible to fully play the game for free. Overall, I would say this game is much more fun for people who travel a lot, and live in areas where other people play the game. While you can be content with harvesting goods and trading, it does become boring fairly quickly. Check it out on the App Store.

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