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Wednesday September 23, 2015 5:07 am

Unboxing Live 172: Apple Watch Sport Gold & Rose Gold


Apple just announced two new colors for the Apple Watch Sport line - gold and rose gold! Being Apple Watch Sport models, that means that these are made out of 7000 Series aluminum, not actual gold. This is similar to the gold and rose gold iPhone. The gold aluminum color has proven to be very popular for Apple on its iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple also released its new MacBook laptop in a gold color as well.

In this video we open up the 42mm gold Apple Watch with midnight blue Sport Band, as well as the 38mm rose gold Apple Watch with lavender Sport Band, giving you a look at both options.

You can order the new Apple Watch Sport models now.

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Video transcript:

We open up the brand new gold and rose gold Apple Watch Sport! Stay tuned!

Hey guys welcome to Unboxing Live, I'm Andru Edwards and this is the show that brings you vicarious thrills through opening new gear. Today we've got a quick one for you, we've already done videos on the Apple Watch back when they were originally released...in fact I have one on right now.

But what we're gonna do is show you the new colors. Apple just released a new gold and rose gold color for the Apple Watch Sport. Now when I say color, I mean exactly that, the color. So you're not actually getting the $10,000, $15,000, or $17,000 actual real gold or rose gold Apple Watch, instead you're getting aluminum Apple Watches that are colored gold and rose gold not unlike the gold MacBook or the gold and rose gold iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Let's jump in, let's take a look at the new gold and rose gold colors, compare them to the standard Apple Watch, and all that good stuff.

There you see the Apple Watch logo there on top. Designed by Apple in California. Quick start guide, a small/medium watch band. So again this is the Midnight Blue. If you find that the watch band is a little too big for you, they do include a smaller version there. And there can you see that actually on the back it's color-matched to the gold.

Also inside you'll find the AC wall adapter as well as the charger itself. Again this is the magnetic induction charger, USB, it uses this portion to rest the Apple Watch on when it needs to be charged.

And now we can move on to the Watch itself, there's a convenient pull tab right here. Then you just lift it up, and there you have it. That is the Apple Watch right there, and again this is the gold color with the midnight blue Sport band as you can see there the Sport band metal rivet will match the color of the aluminum there. So there you see the rose gold version.

And same thing, the color-matched rose gold rivet on the Sport band matches the color of the watch itself. The 38mm rose gold model ships with the lavender Sport band which is what you're seeing there. That's $349. The $399 42mm rose gold version ships with a Stone colored Sport band, which is more of a gray.

The 42mm gold Apple Watch Sport ships with a midnight blue Sport band, if you go for the 38mm version, you'll get an Antique White Sport band, which is kind of like a regular white Sport band that's been dirty and used up, but I guess that's what "antique" implies.

And there you have it guys, that was your look at the new gold and rose gold Apple Watch Sport models. Again if you pick up the gold model, you can get the 42mm version which is this one right here, which comes in gold with midnight blue Sport band, or if you want a smaller one like this in gold, it'll be gold with an antique white Sport band.

And now focusing on rose gold, this model is a 38mm with lavender Sport band, or you can bump up to a 42mm rose gold version with Stone colored Sport band, which is like a gray. Both are available now, 38mm models are $349, 42mm are $399.

If you like those gold Apple Watches, feel free to hit the Like button on this video let us know, and also let me know in the comments below if you're gonna be picking up one of these gold Sport model Apple Watches now that the gold and rose gold colors are available to the entry level Apple Watch buyers.

And also, if you're picking up an iPhone 6s, let me know there too. What color are you getting there? Are you going rose gold, the new color there? Or are you sticking with something a little more traditional. I'm looking to hear from you guys, but for now I'm outta here. Go head and hit that subscribe button up there if you wanna be notified of future videos as we publish them here on YouTube, thanks for watching guys, I'm Andru Edwards, stay tuned for more vicarious thrills through opening new gear right here on Unboxing Live, and I'll see you in the next video.

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