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Wednesday October 21, 2015 9:30 am

Unboxing Live 173: iPhone 6S Launch and Unboxing

Apple has eliminated most of the fun from Apple Store iPhone launches! In this episode, I am waiting for the iPhone 6S to launch at the Alderwood Mall Apple Store. Typically, there are hundreds of people all camped out, waiting in line, and generally switching between having a great time and hating life depending on the temperature and the rain. This year? For the vase majority of the night it was 3 people. THREE PEOPLE! I was the third to arrive, getting there at 8:00PM the night before launch - last year by then there were 80 people in line. The next person didn't arrive until about 4:30am - 8.5 hours later. I do finally get my hands on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and bring you an unboxing of the device as well.

You can order the new Apple iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus now.

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Video transcript:

There are more security guards, than people in line. There's three people in line, six security guards , one with a gun, I don't know either.

Alright guys, all the room behind me waiting in line at the Apple Store to pick up the new iPhone 6S and it's crazy how much it’s a whole different story this year, as far as the iPhone line waiting goes. So I'm gonna talk to you about that, I think it's very interesting, different I don't think you're gonna see those huge lines at Apple Store anymore. Similar with what they do to the Apple watch, the reservation system.

And that means, not many people waiting in line. Anyway, I’m gonna go into all these adventures that I had overnight. So let's do that, and we'll get to the store open, getting the iPhone, etc.

Eating my French toast bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. See, the Panera Bread opens at 6am, I've been here since 8pm last night. I'm the third person in line, so one showed up after me who should supposed to be in line. Now, people have showed up, but Apple's only doing reservations, so if you showed up and you don't have reservation for an iPhone, you can't get one today. A lot of people think that they could just show up like every other year in the past, this year no.

They should be opening about an hour and forty minutes or something, and then I can get my iPhone 6S units, that I pre-registered for. Now we're gonna open it up, there's no excitement this time, which is unfortunate. Delicious tho.

Alright, I'm just waiting for someone to help me now, I'm not sure what's happening.

Two phones, we got the case that we'll test out for you guys. Don't wanna forget that dock, I almost forgot that. Rose Gold to match the phone, of course. Opening up the box, that is the iPhone itself but we're gonna set it aside for a minute. Apple sticker and Quick Start Guide. Lightning connector, AC Adapter USB , Apple Earpods.

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