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CES 2007: Zune Wireless: In The Wild!

Zune Transfer

Here at Gear Live we got our Zune‘s at the official launch in November of 2006, and have been eagerly awaiting our first “in the wild” sighting of another Zune to try the wireless features outside of a “test scenario.”

Now don’t get us wrong, we love the Zune, but market adoption has been rather slow - but today in the SeaTac airport on our way to CES we encountered “ALIENSPAWNER” and had a chance to transfer a few tracks back and forth. Hit the jump for a picture of him with our Zune.


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A Look Back At 2006’s Most Popular Gear Live Stories

A few people have asked for it, so we figured we would deliver. We put out a lot of posts in 2006 here at Gear Live, and we want to shine a light on those that rose to the top of the pack. These are the most read stories on Gear Live in 2006, figuring in our entire back catalogue of posts:

Now don’t think we would stop there. We have also created another Top 10 list, this one consisting only of articles that we published within the 2006 calendar year. For the full list, hit the jump.

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Robbie Bach Talks Zune, Xbox, Movies, And Sony

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Hardware, Xbox 360,

Robbie BachDean Takahashi from Mercury News was able to speak with Robbie Bach a couple of weeks ago, and they talked about a number of the challenges and achievements of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. Bach first discussed the recently launched Zune; as an iPod killer the device has gotten mixed reviews, but Takahashi also investigated why the company chose to enter that arena, rather than challenge Sony or Nintendo in the portable gaming realm. For Bach, the question was a matter of focus, and where the company wanted to put its energies; Bach actually felt that a lack of focus might be hurting Sony in this regard.

Bach also tied the Zune into the company’s efforts with Windows Vista and the Xbox 360, leading the discussion to Microsoft’s next generation console. Bach still feels that they are on track to make their goal of 10 million consoles shipped by year’s end, and with Sony floundering on console availability, this target now seems more likely. Bach also discusses the general financials for the Entertainment division; Microsoft still feels that they are on track for profitability in the division by 2008, but with the diversity of offerings in the group, this doesn’t mean that the Xbox 360 will necessarily hit that goal by then.

Bach also talks about the Halo movie, and the difficulties of managing original intellectual property. Part of the answer seems to be that Microsoft will do things with Halo when it feels right, and that seems to be part of the reason that the movie deal fell apart. While Microsoft would certainly like to see more game releases in the Halo realm, they also seem cognizant of the dangers of saturation. Overall, the interview gives decent insight into the business aspects of the Entertainment division, while not really addressing future developments.

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Bleeding Edge 060: Zune to Zune Music Transfers

One of the big selling points that Microsoft is pushing with the Zune is the way that it can easily transfer music from one Zune device to another. Think about it - if you have a friend who owns a Zune, or if you happen to bump into someone on the subway who happens to be bumping one, you can quickly send over your favorite Fergie track in just a few seconds. Of course, you would actually have to find someone who owns a Zune first, and we have yet to meet anyone who even knows what a Zune is. Nevertheless, check out the video to see the admittedly slick Zune-to-Zune song transfers in action.

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First Microsoft Zune Unboxing Video

Over at Unboxing, we have just put up a video featuring the unboxing of a Microsoft Zune - well, actually, two Zunes - one black and one brown. If you are planning on picking one of these up when they launch tomorrow, be sure to check out the video to see everything you get inside the package. Jump on over to Unboxing to download the video in multiple formats. Welcome to the social, indeed.

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Unboxing Live 007: Microsoft Zune Unboxing

We just got a couple of Zune‘s delivered hot and fresh via UPS, thanks to Microsoft - of course, that means we have a new episode of Unboxing Live for you, showcasing the Unboxing Ceremony of the new Microsoft devices. We show you the Zune itself, along with all the accessories packed into the package. Welcome to the social…featuring six minutes of Zune unboxing goodness. You know how we do.

Let us know what you think, or what you want us to unbox next!

Bleeding Edge 058: Dissecting The Microsoft Zune

Okay, so the Microsoft Zune launches on Tuesday, and we are just positive that you just have to know what it looks like on the inside, right? No? Well, hopefully you enjoy our Zune disassembly video nonetheless, because we show you all the innards that comprise the Zune and make the device tick. Heck, we even put it back together as a FrankenZune, and then put it all back together in super-fast motion. If that isn’t worth it, we don’t know what is…

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Gear Live Gallery: Microsoft Zune Dissected

So we have been playing around with a couple of Zune’s here at Gear Live HQ for a little bit, and decided that we would give you all a peek at the innards of Microsoft’s soon-to-launch digital media player. Jump on over to our Zune Dissection Gallery to get a glimpse of each and every piece that is inside the device that you will all be wanting come November 14. We snapped over 40 images of the take-apart process, so we hope you enjoy it. No worries, the Zune wasn’t harmed in the least, and is now back together, fully functional.

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