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The influence of Steve Jobs

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Editorial,

Steve Jobs Death

October 5, 2011 will go down as one of the most bittersweet moments in technology history. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs passed away at 56, a sad end to a magnificent careeer.

Jobs wowed us. The man is the Walt Disney of the technology space – funny, in a way, as he's also Disney's largest shareholder. Apple, Pixar, Disney – three technology icons synonymous with magic.

I can't claim to have known Jobs personally. What I, and we, have seen of him, has been in carefully managed stage appearances over the years, with Jobs rolling out product after product that defined and launched industries, and prompted countless imitations. The Chinese even copied Apple's stores.

I remember how incredibly annoyed I was at Computex, wandering the halls and seeing row after row of candy-colored hardware, virtually everything that you could think of. I remember complaining to the guy who was on the stool next to mine at the hotel bar. Seriously, I said, is this the future? Watermelon-colored computers? And this Taiwanese guy, not even in technology, said something that's stuck with me: "Only until Apple invents whatever's next."

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Jack Kirby And Marvel Comics

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics,

Jack KirbyMost of you already know that a federal judge ruled in favor of Disney/Marvel and against the estate of Jack Kirby in their claim for copyright termination for 45 characters Kirby either created or co-created.

Naturally, there has been some reaction to this as we all await what the next step will be in what one can only assume is an ongoing, sad, and unnecessary struggle.

Here are some links if you want to follow along:

Michael Dean at The Comics Journal - which has a history with Kirby and was instrumental in helping Jack get what was left of his art back from Marvel in the 1980s and exposing how Marvel was extorting his signature - does the heavy lifting on the ruling.

Dean also wrote a summing up of Kirby’s 1980s-era battle with Marvel over the return of his original art.

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Disney Re-Releasing Lion King in 3D

The Lion King

Will baby animated lions look even more precious in 3D? Disney thinks so. The mega-corporation announced at the beginning of the year that new 3D Blu-rays of their biggest hits (Beauty and the Beast, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Lion King) would be released. Now, they’ve upped the ante: they’re brining at least one animated favorite back to the theaters, too.

First up, The Lion King (so dig out your old “hakuna matata” T-shirt). It’ll come back to theaters, in full 3D, in September. If it makes any money at all, you can expect that Disney will trot out the entire vault.

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Box Office: Hangover Buzz Doesn’t Slow Ticket Sales

The Hangover 2

Critics have widely panned The Hangover, Part II, but that didn’t deter holiday weekend moviegoers. The comedy sequel earned massive bucks for Warner Bros., and surpassed box office earnings for its parent flick.

So who cares what critics say, anyway? The ensemble comedy earned $137.4, after enjoying the biggest-ever Thursday opening for a film ($31.6 million).

Kung Fu Panda 2 fell far short of the first-place mark, earning $62.2 million during the three-day weekend. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides racked up $50.4 million in third place. Bridesmaids earned $21 million, and Thor finishes off the top five with $12 million. Maybe some bad reviews would boost their box office mojo?

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Box Office: Fast Rise to the Top for Racing Sequel

Fast Five movie

Fast Five has managed to trump all the animated comedies and big-budget productions of the year, earning $86.2 million in its opening weekend, the biggest box office debut in 2011 (so far).

The sequel drove Rio down to second place (it earned $14.7 million over the weekend). Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family earned $9.8 million in third place, and Water For Elephants nailed down fourth with $9.3 million. Disney’s lighthearted Prom had a rather dismal opening, debuting in fifth place with a $4.7 million take.

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Disney Sued for Ripping Off Cars Script, Sequel Delayed?


Jake Mandeville-Anthony, U.K. screenwriter, has just filed an injunction to stop the June 24 release of the highly-anticipated Disney/Pixar sequel, Cars 2. His claim? The uber-company ripped off his script -- Cars was his idea in the first place.

Mandeville-Anthony says he originally submitted a script in the 90s, a three-part screenplay named “Cookie & Co.” and another piece titled “Cars.” His “Cars” contained a sample screenplay, animated car character descriptions, character sketches… even a marketing and merchandising plan. The writer alleges that he submitted his work to Disney and met with Lucasfilm exec Jim Morris in 1993. Morris would go on to join Pixar in 2005. He is now the company’s general manager.

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Selena Gomez Will Honor Britney Spears During Tour

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Artist News, Concerts / Tours, Gossip, Pop,

Selena Gomez  2011 People's Choice Awards, Socialite Life

Selena Gomez will pay homage to another pop princess during her upcoming world tour. The Disney star recently told reporters that she plants to do a tribute to Britney Spears, and she’s “so stoked” about it.

Gomez plants to do “a mash up of all her songs and just got for it.” Selena will sing “Baby One More Time,” before she mixes in “Toxic” and then “some of [Britney's] recent stuff.” Sounds pretty awesome, pop fans!

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More Nude Photos of Vanessa Hudgens Surface

Vanessa HudgensThe mistakes we make in High School Musical follow us for years and years… or at least, that seems to be the case with former Disney starlet Vanessa Hudgens. The on-again, off-again girlfriend to Zac Efron has been exposed again online: more nudey pics of her have hit the Web.

According to TMZ, the naked pictures are from the same bunch that was taken (and released online) previously. Hudgens sued the site that published the pictures in 2009. There’s no word yet on how she’ll deal with the current bad PR, which isn’t at all likely to harm her now that she’s no longer wearing her squeaky-clean Disney princess image.

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VIDEO: See the Cars 2 Trailer

Lightning and Mater are back. Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy have reprised their respective voice roles to create Cars 2, the high-octane sequel to the successful animated comedy that revolves around a racecar.

In this new adventure, Lightning must test his engine against the other cars competing in the World Grand Prix. The circuit will take him to Tokyo, London and the Italian Riviera.

If he makes it that far! A new villain adds a new wrinkle to the story that kids are sure to love (and maybe, a few adults too). Watch the entire trailer above.

Cars 2 will zoom into theaters on June 24.

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VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Teaches Disney Channel Acting

In one of the funnier segments from her Saturday Night Live appearance, Disney princess Miley Cyrus teams with Raven-Symone (we mean, Keenan Thompson) to explain how to act on the popular cable channel. Our favorite moment? “Entering on a scooter.” Watch the whole skit in the video above.

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