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Clover LogoCapcom announced today via press release that they are closing Clover Studio, developers of the Viewtiful Joe franchise and the recent God Hand. It seems odd to dissolve a successful development studio, but according to rumors reported to Game|Life, it appears that the main members of the studio were going to leave and form their own development house, so dissolving the studio probably served Capcom’s interests best.

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Dead Rising Box When Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 shipped a few weeks ago, many gamers immediately reported an issue with the mission text in the game being unreadable on some SDTV sets. Capcom stated that they were investigating the problem, and a short time later provided some suggestions that might help ameliorate the issue. However, this did not fix the problem for all users. Now, according to statements received by 1up, there will be no patch addressing this problem. Capcom representatives were quoted as saying “Due to the amount of text and the size of the patch necessary to change the text, a patch isn’t possible for this issue.”

While this is disappointing for a number of gamers, this problem could have been minimized. Capcom could have expanded its quality assurance process to include a wider variety of television types, but to really address this, Microsoft should make both SDTV and HDTV readability a requirement for a game title to be released on the Xbox 360 platform.

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Dead Rising It looks like some users without high definition television sets are having problems with text readability in Capcom’s latest release, Dead Rising. According to reports on the Xbox forums, people running standard definition television sets with composite inputs are finding the mission requirements text unreadable. Others have claimed that using the s-video or component inputs can help correct this problem. However, if the gamer has a “crummy… very-non-hi-def” television, they might be out of luck. Unfortunately, it appears that this issue wasn’t caught by either Capcom or Microsoft’s acceptance testing, so addressing this issue will probably require a patch; yet another Xbox 360 game to do so. Hopefully, Capcom can address this issue soon and get all of their customers playing the game without issue.

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With the release of Street Fighter II on Xbox Live Arcade, we thought we might pull this old video out and redisplay it’s awesomeness. What you see above it a video display of some truly awe-inspiring Street Figher skiz-ills. It’s a clip from EVO 2004, where Daigo make one hell of a comeback. At first glance you may think that it isn’t a big deal - that he just blocked and came back for the victory. However, in Street Fighter 3, you have the option of using a parry instead of a block. To pull it off, you have to press toward the opponent just as they hit you to parry. What you see in the video is the player Daigo, actually pressing toward Chun Li in perfect timing with each attack she does in that super move. In other words, when you see Chun Li power up then do the super move with that flurry of kicks the guy playing her actually perfectly parries each portion of the attack. If he would have blocked, he would have died. Hence, the reason for all the cheering in the background.

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Street Fighter II LiveSo, Capcom’s Street Fighter II’ Hyperfighting has hit Xbox Live, and so far, gamer response could be considered mixed at best. Numerous complaints have hit the Internet both via blog posts and the official Xbox forums. Some gamers have reported horrible lag in the game, while others say that while they have experienced a few problems, most of the time the gameplay is smooth. Others have slammed the insane difficulty of single player mode, singling out the computer AI for Ryu as being particularly cheap. According to some, quarter match has worked sporadically, and some gamers have seen the game crash in quick match and custom match modes.

The hardcore Street Fighter fans are even less pleased. In a post titled “Capcom Screws Everyone Again,” gamer Jared Rea slams the game. The version of Hyperfighting that is on Live is not arcade perfect, and with the technology available in the Xbox 360, it should be. Rea blames both Microsoft and Capcom. Microsoft gets blame for passing the game through certification with all of the online bugs present. Capcom’s responsibility lies in giving development of the title to Sensory Sweep; while having one of Capcom’s in-house development teams work on the game would not necessarily ensure a better experience, the version on Xbox Live apparently has glaring gameplay bugs.

Feedback on the game is still early; there is still hope that a later patch could fix some of the online lag and matching issues. But if the accusations of inaccurate gameplay are correct, this will certainly dissuade the hard core Street Fighter crowd.

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Street Fighter IIRumors of Street Fighter II coming to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade first hit in January; according to reports at the time, the game was supposed to hit the service early this year. Finally, on August 2, Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting will be available for 800 Microsoft Marketplace Points, approximately $10. The game, of course, will offer a host of online features and achievements, along with the typical leaderboard functionality. Quick match or custom match online game selection will be available, along with a new “quarter match.” The quarter match mode will simulate the old days of gaming back when Street Fighter II dominated the arcades; virtual “quarters” are used to determine who will fight the winner of each match. Hopefully, the time spent leading up to the release will have been used effectively to reduce lag and gamers will be transported back to the days when they actually had to be in the same room as their opponent.

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