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State of Emergency 2

Maybe I shouldn’t be posting this, but State of Emergency has gone gold. The game isn’t even Rockstar’s anymore but I still have an extremely bad taste in my mouth from the first title. It was a huge disappointment and was definitely overrated by the media. But hey, maybe you’re willing to give the new publisher, SouthPeak Interactive a chance.

Taking place four years after the events of the first game, the story follows returning character Spanky MacNeil as he and the rest of the Freedom Movement wage war against “The Corporation” and its oppressive dictatorship. Many new game-play elements such as a reputation system, gang control, interrogation, driving and flying vehicles add to the fun. Gamers can also bang out in 1-4 man multiplayer modes such as Last Man Standing and Battle modes.

Hopefully you’ve got enough of a backlog of quality games from the holidays that you’re not even considering getting this one. I’m willing to bet that SOE2 won’t be overrated - the media’s hopefully learned from its mistake. SOE2 is due out on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

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Ape EscapeGood news for all monkey fans: Sony’s in the early development stages of a new Ape Escape title. Specifically, Sony is looking for programmers, designers, and other staffers. Even though the game isn’t officially stated as being developed for the PS3, we’re sure it is. After all, with the game’s development process just gearing up now, we would expect to see the game release for another year or two - and the PS3 will certainly be on the market by then.

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MGS3A free DVD is slated to come with any MGS3: Subsistence pre-order. The DVD, entitled ‘Metal Gear Saga,’ interviews with some of the folks who made the game, concept art, and easter eggs. The game ships March 18th. Although we haven’t gone hands on with the new edition, it’s looking great. MGS3 is one of our favorite PS2 games - and the additions to the game sound great - so if you haven’t checked the original out yet, either find it now (probably for a low price) or pre-order Subsistence.

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Full Auto DemoEarlier today, we were pleasantly surprised to log into Xbox Live and discover that SEGA’s Full Auto demo had been released. After a few minutes of downloading, we jumped right into the game. The main concept behind the game is this: get behind the wheel of a car and race to the finish line - while firing weapons at your opponents, utilizing boost, and gaining air.

Unfortunately, the play experience wasn’t as smooth as you’d hope it’d be. Reportedly, some 360s freeze when the game’s booted up. We didn’t have a problem with freezing though, and we doubt most people will. However, while the gameplay is a lot more polished than what was shown at E3 last year, it’s still not great. The frame-rate isn’t perfect and the controls seem off. Additionally, the game simply doesn’t have the sense of speed that other great races have. Still, the demo’s free and you might as well check it out. Full Auto hits February 14th.

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Hideo Kojima PodcastHideo Kojima has to be one of the most cutting-edge game developers of our time. No, we aren’t referring to his development of the amazing graphics, gameplay, story, or sound within the Medal Gear Solid titles. Rather, it’s theblog he created some months ago along with his creation of a brand new podcast, entitled “Hidechan! Radio”!

If you’re looking for some massive details on MGS4, you’re not going to find any around here. Not yet at least. His first podcast features a discussion with the Japanese actor who plays Snake. According to the recording, the dialog for the game will be recorded throughout 2006. Unfortunately, the podcast hasn’t been released quite yet but Gamespot was nice enough to give us first details of the podcast (including the brief recording details.)

Look for more on his podcast soon.

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Tony Hawk VideoTHUG 2. New Orleans level. 983,000,000 points. And you thought you were good at the game? I only wish the recording could be of me playing. Hit the link for the insane video.

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Burnout Revenge 360

We’d be lying if we said Burnout on Xbox 360 didn’t look amazing. Still, I’m not completely sold on the game. After already picking the title up on the original Xbox, I’m a little relucant to spend an additional $60 on the same game with some minor updates. Here’s to the next Burnout title. Meanwhile, click through to see all 8 shots in glorious high-res.

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American Wasteland

While some gamers have complained over the years about the Tony Hawk series and a supposed “lack of originality,” the series is still selling surprisingly well - apparently not everyone feels that the games have become stale. I, for one, have always been a huge fan of the Hawk series and I really enjoyed American Wasteland. While some other Xbox/PS2/Gamecube Activision games haven’t sold as well as expected, it looks like Hawk’s probably at least meeting expectations. Activision also had a big hit on their hands with Call of Duty 2, the biggest seller at the Xbox 360 launch.

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2D Mario Sunshine If you’re longing for a new Mario platforming game from Nintendo, you’ll have to keep waiting. In the meantime, PT Games is hosting an interesting 2D take on Mario Sunshine - originally a 3D platformer on Gamecube. Check it out by clicking the link below.

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CondemnedFinally, after a drought of about a week, more new content has been added to the Xbox Live Marketplace. First, is a demo of the Sega thriller Condemned. We have been having a great time playing the retail version of the game, and if you haven’t played it yet, grab the demo quickly. There is also a new Outpost Kaloki X challenge that looks to be free of charge, centered on creating a fireworks station. Probably capitalizing on the New Year season, we like this one. Outpost Kaloki X is like the old-school lemonade stand game on steroids.

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