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Monday February 27, 2006 2:19 am

Video Proves Widescreen iPod Image A Fake

iPod Video Device

Not surprisingly, the widescreen iPod video device has quickly been debunked as a fake. We know the screen color and orientation look a bit off, and a video has been released showing how it was all done. Now, don’t get all glum - word is strong that Steve Jobs will be debuting a true video iPod this Tuesday - just not the one pictured above. Click on to check out the video showing how the above image was crafted.

(Thanks Yashar!)

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Forum Discussion

I like the look of the iPod AV :) I'm not sure what protection you would have to have on it though; for my 20 gig 4G i've got a clear iskin but I bet having an iskin on the touchscreen iPods would lead to a loss in sensitivity of the touchscreen. Plus, if you didn't, you'd get lots of greasy finger marks and scratches.

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