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Tuesday July 8, 2008 3:18 pm

MyGlobalTalk $50,000 Gear Live Beta Giveaway

MyGlobalTalk Gear Live free promo

EDIT: Wow. Those went quick. We just talked with the guys at MyGlobalTalk, and we will have 1,000 more to give away tomorrow. How do you like that? Stay tuned!

If you are into chatting on your cell phone, beta testing different services, and getting free stuff, then you are going to like this one. MyGlobalTalk has just given us $50,000 worth of calling services on their new VoIP application for Windows Mobile phones to give away to Gear Live readers. We are giving that away to 1,000 readers, in $50 increments. That’s good for over 2,000 minutes of international talk time. There are just three prerequisites:

  • You have a Windows Mobile smartphone/Pocket PC.
  • Your Windows Mobile Operating System is 5.0 or 6.0. For Windows Mobile 5.0 click here to download the .NET Compact Framework update.
  • Give MyGlobalTalk your honest feedback on the application. They know it’s not perfect yet but with your help, they can improve.

Now just head over to the MyGlobalTalk Gear Live signup page, download the app, and you are up and running. Once you get logged in, you will find $50 waiting for you in your account. Not too shabby, right? The best thing about the service is that you don’t need to be within range of a WiFi signal or hotspot to use it.

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Forum Discussion

Is it already gone? Seems to say so.

That's gotta be an error. Lemme ask them if we already got 1,000!

That sure didn't take long if its not an error.

Yeah its still full. Maybe you want to remove it temporarly until the mess is figured out :P

That doesn't sound like too bad of an idea. Though it doesn't really pertain to me seeing as how I don't have a smartphone or a pocket pc

We're so sorry! The limit has been reached for beta testers. Don't worry though - we plan on adding more testers soon.

I wont be able to use this feature. Looks like alot of people are having problems. Maybe someone who gets it will tell how it is. I dont have a windows mobile phone, sounds like it would be a good deal though if you could get it to work.

More will be available within the hour :)

Thats good news for those that can utilize it. Curse me for not having a better device lol

Finallly works haha.

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