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Tuesday February 7, 2023 9:21 pm

Microsoft unveils new AI-powered Bing and Edge browser with ChatGPT features

I spent the day at Microsoft today for the unveiling of the new Bing: a chat-based search engine that can do more than just answer search queries.

Bing is now a conversational agent that can understand and communicate fluently in your language of choice. It can also do things like write poems and stories, generate code, create songs, do celebrity parodies, and more. Bing can even suggest relevant and interesting topics for you to chat about, or help you find helpful products or services based on your needs.

The new Bing uses GPT technology to understand questions and generate answers in natural language. It runs on the next generation of OpenAI’s language model, which is significantly more capable than the version used by ChatGPT.

Bing can now chat with users, answer complex questions, and help users make decisions. It can also provide insights and annotations alongside traditional search results. The goal is to transform the way users communicate and find information on the web.

The chatbot is powered by a new next-generation language model called Prometheus, which is designed specifically for search purposes. The Prometheus model can improve the relevancy of answers, annotate answers with specific web links and citations, and promote a better understanding of geolocation.

Microsoft is also introducing two new AI-enhanced features for its Edge browser: “chat” and “compose.” These will be accessible from Edge’s sidebar.

“Chat” lets users summarize the webpage or document they’re viewing and ask questions about its contents, while “compose” works as a writing assistant; helping to create text, from emails to social media posts, based on some initial prompts.

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