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Box Office Breakdown: Transformers Melts Ice Age’s Hopes

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

This was one heated battle that left Ice Age out in the cold.

Only 24 hours ago, and the animated comedy were estimated to finish in a possible tie. But when the final numbers were computed, last Monday’s champ managed to keep its spot for another round. In just two weeks, the Paramount feature has managed to earn just under $300 million.

But had nothing to complain about. Even though it missed the #1 spot by less than $1 million, the threequel had the best per screen average of any entry in the Top Ten. In total, the movie earned $66.7 million over five days, just shy of what 2006’s Ice Age: The Meltdown grossed over only three days.

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Box Office Breakdown: Transformers Rises Above the Competition

Transformers: Rise of the Fallen

It’s not very often when “loud” and “mindless” are deemed good qualities. But in Paramount’s case, it was a recipe for success.

Over the past five days, did what most films have been attempting all year: It passed the $200 million mark. (Up just became the first 2009 film to hit $250 million.)

While the Michael Bay film is definitely on track to be one of the most successful entries this year (let’s not forget about Harry Potter), the sequel’s opening still takes second behind last year’s topper. During its opening run, earned $203.8 million domestically.

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Review - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Megan FoxI’ve been waiting for this. I’ve always been a Transformers fan, the original movie from 1986 is one of my favorites. When Michael Bay was announced as the director for the first film, I was skeptical. Then I saw it and found it to be an enjoyable romp, but wanted something more. Revenge of the Fallen gives me that something more. As in more robots, more action, and of course more Megan Fox. I really liked how Bay and the writers picked and chose aspects from Classic G1, the Japanese “Masterforce” series, the Dreamwave comics, and Armada to flesh out the story as well as Easter eggs to search for. is exactly what you expect it to be; a big, loud, action packed popcorn flick that takes itself seriously enough that it doesn’t treat the material as a joke, while at the same time not attempting to recreate “War and Peace” with giant robots.

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In Theaters This Weekend: June 26, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

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Early Reviews for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Do you like your movies loud, big, long and mindless? Then it sounds like might be for you. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the ticket for some who’ve had the chance to watch it so far.

The movie doesn’t debut in the United States until June 24, but it’ll hit the UK on June 19. Here are few of the early reviews:

Hollywood Reporter:  “With its intelligence at the level of the simple-minded, however, the film is not likely to attract moviegoers who seek something more than a screen filled with kaleidoscopes of colored metal. Fan boys will no doubt love it, but for the uninitiated it’s loud, tedious and, at 147 minutes, way too long.”

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IMAX Delay for Half-Blood Prince

Half-Blood Prince posterWarner Bros. may be sticking firm to its third Half-Blood Prince release date, but that won’t prevent delays for the film.

Due to a conflict with a previously scheduled blockbuster, most IMAX theaters (aside from one in New York in one in LA) will not be able to show Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince until July 29. That equates to a two-week delay from the July 15 premiere.

What will be occupying those theaters up until that point? . The Paramount feature has a month-long commitment starting with its June 26 debut.

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Transformers 3 a Sure Thing

Transformers 2

**UPDATE: Michael Bay now claims the movie will come out in 2012, not 2011.**

Transformers 3 has been given a release date and officially put on a time table - the robotic movie will be coming to a theater near you on July 1, 2011. According to reports, however, that’s the only thing that’s official.

So far, Paramount and DreamWorks have nothing on paper with director Michael Bay or leading man and lady and Megan Fox. They haven’t even hired a scriptwriter. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the second installment to the franchise, will be released on June 24, 2009.

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How Much is Shia LaBeouf’s Absence Worth?

Shia LaBeouf in Transformers

Even though it appears Shia LaBeouf will no longer be blamed for his accident on Sunday, the actor’s collision will still have a costly effect on Transformer 2‘s production.

According to his rep’s last statement, the 22-year-old’s recuperating hand could keep him from the set for weeks. One Hollywood insider says this delay could mean a $200,000 blow to the studio…per day.

How much LaBeouf’s PR spin will cost him is unknown.

(You can find updates to this story here.)

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Transformers 2 Delayed Due to LaBeouf’s Arrest

Shia LaBeoufUPDATE: It looks as if Shia may not may not be blamed for the accident after all.

As mentioned on VIP Breakdown earlier today, actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested Sunday morning after a DUI-related accident in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old was taken to Cedars-Sinai around 3 a.m. where he underwent surgery for injuries to his left hand. (He also received minor injuries to his head and knee.) A female passenger from his car and the female driver from the other vehicle were treated and released. (Video of LaBeouf’s overturned vehicle can be seen after the jump.)

In a statement, the star’s rep said Shia’s status would prevent him from immediately returning to work:

“Attorneys for Mr. LaBeouf confirm that an automobile accident involving an additional party occurred early morning in Los Angeles on July 27, 2008. Shia is currently recovering from extensive hand surgery with plans to return to work on the set of within one month. No further comment will be issued at this time.”

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Terrence Howard Leaks Iron Man 2 Dates

Terrence Howard spills the beans on Iron Man 2

While it is no surprise that the Air Force has become quite the collaborative presence in Hollywood blockbusters lately (i.e. Transformers, Iron Man), what is a surprise is the fact that Terrence Howard spilled the beans on Iron Man 2 dates!

The Oscar-nominated actor was in New York a couple weeks ago to share his training and work experience with the Airmen. As he reflected upon his rewarding research, he unexpectedly spilled a tidbit of info on Iron Man 2!

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