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Monday March 29, 2010 12:16 pm

Robin Hood to Open 2010 Cannes Film Festival

Once again, the will begin with a non-French film. Last year, Up became the first animated feature to receive the international spotlight. This year, Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood will be the selection opening the prestigious event.

The film - which tells the early years of the legend - stars as the titular character - and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian. The story was written by Brian Helgeland, the man behind L.A Confidential (another Crowe film).

Russell recently admitted filming that the fight scenes on were quite a challenge. “It’s scary stuff. We had 15 people carried off the battle field at one point. One guy got his eye poked out with a pike,” he said. “Another guy broke an arm and a leg falling off a horse. A number of other people had their wills broken because it was violent and anarchic. Totally crazy.”

The movie will be released in France the same day it screens at the festival. It will then open in the US on May 14.

The 2010 Cannes Film Festival runs May 12 until May 23.



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