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Friday September 23, 2011 3:15 pm

Carey Mulligan Praises Drive Director, Ryan Gosling

Carey Mulligan on the set of DriveCarey Mulligan loves the "brutal" honesty of director Nicolas Winding Refn. The Oscar-nominated actress worked with the filmmaker on new movie Drive, and says it was a dream come true because he's always been someone she's admired.

"I emailed my agent and said, 'I just want to work with someone like Nicolas Winding Refn - anyone who makes films like he does.' Nick is the most brutally honest person I have ever come across and when we walked into his house he turned around and said, 'Ah, Carey, you were much fatter last time we met!' He will always tell me if I'm being rubbish. And from then on we just had the best time making Drive. He was on my fantasy wish list, so I was just thrilled to be in it."

As well as working with Nicolas, Carey loved starring alongside Ryan Gosling in the film as he was so easy to work with: "With Ryan it was just easy. He is such a brilliant actor. He is so prepared and he doesn't have to warm himself up to be in a scene. He just draws you in. We had scenes where we stared at each other with no words for three minutes until it was, like, weird. But somehow I kinda feel like it works because the rest of the film has all these very complex, witty, intelligent and terrifying characters. And this is the part of the film where there is a little bit of hope. It is quite nice."



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