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Wednesday April 23, 2008 10:45 pm

Will Smith’s Nepotism Streak Continues

Tom Cruise, Connor CruiseFirst, he introduced son Jaden to theatergoers in The Pursuit of Happyness.  Then he let daughter Willow take on a much smaller role in last year’s I Am Legend.  Now another kid will be participating in a movie: Connor Cruise.

Yes, I know.  Connor is not exactly related to Will.  (He’s actually ‘s adopted son.)  But that doesn’t make the whole situation smell any less nepotistic to me.

In Seven Pounds, Will Smith stars as a man who affects the lives of seven strangers.  Connor, in a minor part, will play a younger version of the main character.

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Needless to say, elder Cruise is reportedly very pleased that his son nabbed this role.  (He even had to do audition for it and everything.)  According to a source, Tom’s “proud of him for really doing this on his own.”

On his own?  Are you kidding me?  Did the 13-year-old just happen to read about that casting call somewhere?  And how did prove he could master the non-speaking role anyway?  By high-fiving Uncle Will?



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